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By Rebecca McNelly-Tilford

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Here at .Cent we are looking at the finest and newest fragrance from leading perfumers to get the AIR smelling beautiful this August.

Aesop – Tacit – Aesop’s latest fragrance release, Tacit, was formulated in collaboration with perfumer Celine Barel. It was born of two key inspirations: the fresh notes found in traditional colognes; and the Mediterranean coast, for its culture, topography, and fragile, perfumed vegetation” 

With ingredients sourced around the world, Aseop’s aesthetic stays strong. This contemporary smell has citrus notes which blends with spices to create a warm subtle undertone that is beautifully delicate. Overall leaving a earthy aspect that is vetiver at the heart. With help from Australian generative artist Jonathan McCabes the perfume in itself unique and beautifully smelling. Tacit is available everywhere from September.


Heeley London – Oranges and Lemons say the bells of St.Celment! –  “Created by the English perfumer and designer, Heeley Eau de Parfum is made in France from rare ingredients of the finest quality, according to the traditional art of fine perfumery. The contemporary and unique scents within the collection are mostly suitable for men and women “

Inspired by the rhyme ‘Orange and Lemons’ – 1740. This new English classic takes notes of oranges and lemon to hit the top. In the heart of the perfume is the Earl Grey tea. All combining to create a vetiver fragrances that is truly inspired by the city that refers to church bells within London. This perfume and all in the parfums range are out now.


Boucheron Place Vendome – White Gold –Jeweler of Light in the City of Light, a craftsman of dreams, a sculptor of brilliance…the fabulous story of Boucheron is tied forever to light – that of gems – and of Paris  – the light shining on Place Vendôme. In 1893, Frédéric Boucheron was the first jeweler to open a shop on the legendary square. He chose Number 26, the corner where precious stones reveal their most ardent fire”

“A new ode to the parisian place, awaken in the early morning”  Winter sunshine, that is what is reflected in the fragrance and the bottle design. Contrasting between cold and hot, the bottles sophisticated design showcases white gold along side the signature yellow gold . The rich fragrance has tops notes of bergamont and pink peppercorns, heart of the fragrance is jasmine and pomegranate and the base is lined with sandalwood and vanilla creating an overall bewitching scent that can be found at their flagship store now.


Aramis– Black – “Polished but mysterious. Racy but refined. Inspired by the contemporary gentleman, the Aramis Black man lives for the thrill.” 

Showcases in a beautiful transparent bottle that does nothing but highlight the beauty of the gray fragrance. Wrapped in shades of white incense and tonka beans that create a vetiver feeling. With rich notes of cognac, soft leather, grape fruit and refined by lentiscus. This newest fragrance is beautifully designed as a statement of modern masculinity. For more Aramis products click here


Comme Des Garcones – Floriental – “Floriental is a distrupted floral fragrance that challenges the traditions of perfumery to reimagine a flower that has no scent. A creative collision that blurs the line between the floral and the oriental to create something completely new” 

Unlike the majority of perfume that prides itself on its middle, base and top scents. Floriental redefines the rules and creates a mysterious scent. The creative confusion that comes within the perfume is something that breaks down the rules of formal perfumery. This is done using a flower such as a citrus flower, that has no scent. This creates an oriental signature, combining this with a vetiver woody essence, pink pepper and plumb liqueur all give life to the odourless flower. All of this results in a scent that doesn’t just reshape what it is to be a perfume ,but creates an addictive smell that is extravagant.


Shanghai Tang – Gold  Lily – “Since it’s inception in 1994, Shanghai Tang has been the pioneering luxury lifestyle brand from Hong Kong. With it’s mission as the global curator of modern Chinese aesthetics, Shanghai Tang interprets the culture and craftsmanship of Shanghai with vibrant sophistication and relevance” 

Blending history, classic contemporary and of course innovation to create a beautifully authentic fragrance. Everything that is Shanghai Tang is a beautiful. Shanghai Tang and looks at everything from a different angle, Gold Lily does nothing but enhance this ethos. The lily flower, that is particually precious is wrapped with accents orange, patchouli and jasmine. Together they create a soft fragrance that is sensual and of course mysterious. Gold Lily is ready four your purchase at any time.


The Mercent Of Venice – Suave Petals – “This collection of essences speaks about the long journeys from the fascinating cites of the Orient to the enchantment of Venice, the main destination of the ancient Mediterranean routes. The spices, the aromas, and the rare essences were expertly selected by merchants from among those that were most aspired and precious” 

Fruit and floral this soft velvety fragrance. The peach blossom in Asia, represents feminine beauty and thus being the inspiration to Suave Petals. This layered light fragrance is part of the Murano Collection, one of six but each of the bottles and are decorated on traditional Murano glass and are uniquely patterned. “The soft velvety touch of Suave Petal creates sensorial layers that lightly grace a woman’s skin The delicate and seductive union of white rose, orris of florence, and the oriental fascination of patchouli, create and aura of mystery”


Boss, Hugo Boss – Bottled Oud – “The Man of Today has reinvented masculinity so that it exists outside the straightjacket of convention. Inspired, he creates his own definition of success. In him, we see courage, strength, integrity and style” 

Displayed in a beautifully classic and plush gold and brown bottle creating a sleek outlook that is displayed complimenting the contents. Bergamot, geranium, cinnamon with a smoky elixir this oud from Boss does nothing but add to the ever growning collection of Boss Bottled, and is available now.

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