AIR: Gravitate

By Jo Phillips

Defying gravity from an exhilarating height, scaring every inch of your soul and body. As your looking down, only to avoid the inevitable. The sublime is captured in landscape photography as a series of memories, untouched by the interference 0f humans. The relationship between photographer and the subject is distanced, allowing it’s own element of untainted beauty to thrive.

The Parrish Art Museum presents German photographer Andreas Gursky who will be featuring more than 20 large and small photographs dating back from the 80’s up until now. Andreas Gursky revisits the relationships between humans and nature in his photography.

mountain 2

Tour de France, 2007, c-print, 121 x 86 1/4 inches (307 x 218,9 cm)

‘Engadin’ (1995) and ‘Tour de France’ (2007) both express the vastness of nature and, how we as humans are so small in its presence. As the feeling of sublime occurs it engulfs the individual to questioning their self and being.


Engadin I, 1995, inkjet- print 81 1/2 x 140 inches (207 x 356 cm)

Although Gursky’s photographs can seem distant or impersonal, it doesn’t entirely mean that he isn’t untouched by his experiences. He has esbalished a unbreakable approach to image taking by capturing and revealing a story to an audience. Detailed and unmistakable he captures life from a unbelievable angle.

The 19th-century British photographer, Captain Linnaeus Tripe features many photographs of Indian and Burmese landscape and architecture, which is to be showcased at the V&A this year. Through these early photographs, Tripe explored the possibilities of this new medium, showcasing and documenting archaeological sites, monuments and landscapes, rarely seen in the West.


There is a sense of timelessness in his images. He captures a time that has past, but he held onto a stunning element of history presented to an audience who never witnessed something like this. 2

He captured the serene, silent beauty of a distanced civilisation and brought it closer to home.

Other Americas (1977 -1984) by Sebastiao Salgado is a collection of black-and-white photographs that captured the everyday lives of  individuala living across the regions of Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Guatemala and Mexico.


These images focus on the importance of sending a message of sympathy. During this time of political unrest, turmoil and inequality Sebastiao Salgado captured perfectly a life under threat and scrutiny.

Adventurous, scenic landscape by Brice Portolano. As Brice takes landscape photography my storm he stirs up envy, for new up and coming photographers. Taken whilst exploring America, Brice recreates natural beauty by challenging height and gravity.


Brice defies gravity as he soars through the air.  He envisions air and gravity against the perilous,dangerous beauty of the towering mountains. Nature is very much the focal point in Brice’s photography, he watches the evolving relationship between humans, nature and the world. This is where humans interact with the revolving beauty of nature. Humans delve into the pools of water, jumping into the unknown and dangerous.


Landscape mountain photography is a powerful signifier that holds the answers in all aspects of life such as nature, air, gravity and beauty.


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