Air: Growing Garments

By Jo Phillips

Take Mother Nature with you and decorate your body with garments that grow. These quirky designs plant the seed that will inspire you to appreciate the environment in more forms than ever before. Flowers are enchanting,  their intricate form, colours and scents bring magic to the darkest of places. Uproot nature and celebrate its beauty in the air this August!

Potted plants are traditionally static and helps give life to our gardens, homes and offices. Colleen Jordan combines 3-D printing technology with natural plant processes in order to create her stunning ‘Wearable Planters’. You can show the pieces off wherever you may be, on your bike, pinned to your clothes or around your neck.


The beautiful collection ‘Seed’ by Egle Cekanaviciute fuses fashion and nature. The concept underlines that any human creation is hopeless against the power of nature. The process of growth isn’t something any designer could have controlled, the beauty in this collection is that the plants grew freely within the garments. A stunning collaboration between Cekanaviciute and Mother Nature.


The Kusa grass flip-flops gives you the opportunity to constantly be walking on freshly mowed grass. The footwear gives you an extra layer of comfort that generates feelings of nostalgia. The concept of KUSA was to improve the human environment. The flip-flops are an attempt to treat the syndrome of disconnection from nature and from community felt by modern society; especially by urban dwellers. KUSA’s are, first and foremost a form of escapism from inflexible reality and rebellion from imposed conformity. Give your feet a rest from hard terrain and let them always feel the grass beneath with the Kusa flip-flops!


From Roses to Poppys, Shrieking Violets has made it possible to wear real life flowers within necklaces, earrings, cufflinks, bracelets, rings and in many other forms. The flowers at Shrieking Violets are tended with love until they reach the perfect size to be transformed into stylish accessories. A flicker of inspiration started the organisation when they discovered a lone daisy shining out of the green pastures on the fields of Glastonbury. This goes to show that Mother Nature is always inspiring and will continue to do so.


Celebrate the power of nature in the air and in style!

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