AIR: Hydrate

By Jo Phillips

The summer will leave your skin dry and irritated.  What was once a glowey hue, will turn into dull sheen, so it’s important to hydrate your skin to keep it healthy. Hydrate yourself with Ark’s new hydration Injection Masque, launching this August. This ultimate nourishing skin care product, is the wake up call your skin needs this summer.


Dehydrated skin is very common, it’s very important to hydrate and moisture your skin everyday. This is to ensure, great feeling and glowey healthy skin that will quench thirst to then restore vibrancy. This new skin perfector by Ark is for all skin types and all age groups. its rich vitamin blend, has maximum protection with intensive care multivitamin to protect you, in your everyday routine. It will plump skin and clear any imperfections. This highly rejuvenating treatment is the ideal weekly kick start, for tired, stressed and dull skin.  

Enriched with Vitamins A to regulate collagen synthesis; vitamin B5, for smoothness and vitamin C and E to remove pigmentation and to prevent UV damaging. Hydronic acid booster drenches skin with moisture to provide protection from the sun and from water loss. The application of the skin perfector is quite easy and simple. Firstly, apply a thin layer once or twice a week onto clean skin, make sure you avoid the eye area. It also depends greatly on your age, it ensures when the product should be kept on and when you should taken off. For teens, and those in their 20’s it should be kept on approximately for 5 minutes for good results. 30’s and 40’s, keep on for 10 minutes and finally 50’s and upwards keep on for 20. Your skin should look rested, restored and hydrated.

This all- in- one Electric Body Skin Elixir is a natural beauty cream that will replace call your daily creams. Free from harmful petrochemicals, alcohol, parabens and fillers, this is the healthy kick your skin will need.


It will rejuvenate and restore your natural skin glow, removing harmful chemicals. It will enhance health as well as beauty. This active New Zealand dairy colostrum; is one of the most powerful compounds known to science. Combining healing ingredients such as aloe vera to guarantee natural efficacy. This is safe for the whole family to use, use as a night and day cream, as well as a toner for a the full nourished experience. The colostrum is sourced from grass- fed dairy animals grazing on the pristine lands of New Zealand – one of the most environmentally pure places in this world. All the ingredients are sourced from small, family- owned products which are hand made. There is no mass production is involved and its packaging is 100% recyclable.

Electric Body Skin elixir is bound to replace multiple products in the bathroom including: anti- ageing cream, moisturiser, toner, lips salve, day cream, night cream, foot lotion and even after- shave etc.

Hydrate yourself with these two rejuvenating high quality products that will keep your skin looking healthy and radiant.




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