AIR: Open Air Environmental Care

By Shannon Brien

In the midst of a break up, Bridget Jones famously asserted that she was enjoying a relationship with two men simultaneously; the first named Ben and the other Jerry. While Ben & Jerry’s delectable ice cream creations have seen us through good and bad times, this brand is also passionate about the environment and is aiming to change the world one flavour at a time.

Climate change is one of those contentious issues that not many are prepared to confront head on. Ben & Jerry’s are well aware of the mess that occurs when temperatures drop being experts in frozen goods and therefore aim to ensure that the artic remains frozen. They have partnered with Avaaz in creating a petition to urge leaders and the United Nations to tackle this issue as part of their Save Our Swirled Climate justice campaign.


The three day film weekend began Friday July 31 where a giant screen was displayed in Clapham Common showing cult classics such as Anchorman and Step Brothers. Guests were able to eat all the Ben & Jerry’s new Cookie Core range their stomach would allow while relaxing on deck chairs, grassy sofas or cow print beanbags.


This screen was illuminated with the help of the On Purpose group, who peddled to power the big screen. These bikes were connected to electronic gauges that were either side of the screen so that the audience could see how much power these bikes produced. On Purpose is an organisation that is committed to a better way of business by training professionals to lead the next generation in a socially and environmentally satisfactory way.


Too often we are plagued by guilt when indulging in our favourite treats but knowing that Ben & Jerry’s isn’t just committed to fair trade but climate change too will surely make you feel better about each scoop.













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