Air: Untainted Escape

By Jo Phillips

This August .Cent is taking a breath of fresh air by escaping city life. Moving away from congestive living, you can lose yourself in these unusual green spaces. It would give yourself a chance to laze amongst the grass and watch the world go by.

The Chinese Garden of Friendship is nestled at the south end of Darling Harbour, Sydney. The Chinese themed architecture intertwines itself with mother nature and combines the elements of water, plants and stone. The Chinese exterior transcends the visitor into the magical world that is filled with willow trees, colourful fish, waterfall, lakes, sculptures and local wildlife such as the water dragon and koi carp. When in reality you are still in the centre of an overcrowded city.


With the low air quality in Chicago, you are able to disconnect yourself from the urban jungle and release your inner explorer by visiting the Lincoln Park Zoo. The city’s greys contrast with lush green grass  that is and accompanied by exotic animals like baringo giraffes, meller’s chameleons, green tree pythons, eurasian lynx, jaguars and many more species.


The busy streets of Amsterdam are inhabited with cars and swarms of confident cyclists. Step off the busy cobbled paths and relax in VondelPark where you can enjoy performances at the open aired theatre Openluchttheater.


The park celebrates a variety of art and design disciplines including music, dance, acting and sculpture. Sculptures include the 3 meters high bronze monument of the Dutch poet Vondel by Louis Royer, with the pedestal by Pierre Cuypers. An abstract concrete ‘Fish’ by the famous Pablo Picasso and ‘Mama Barnanka’ by contemporary sculptor Nelson Carillho is also presented.

Serralves Park is another design orientated garden situated in Portugal where you can enjoy its landscaping, the fountain and man made design. From sculptures, art exhibitions to summer festivals the visitors, will realise that together, design and nature harmonise as one.


You can educate yourself whilst inhaling the fresh air with opportunities for astronomy, library visits and the Autumn festival that invites the public to celebrate the harvest season and revive old traditions and customs.

An archetypal garden would often be terraced with green grass but the Seoul’s Sunken Stone garden suits South Koreas industrial aesthetic. The garden was designed by Mikyoung Kim who used natural materials found throughout the city in order to restore the Cheonggyecheon stream. Previously the stream had been covered and used as a road, it has now been transformed into a beautiful urban park that has helped improve the stream’s water quality.


The garden has been a huge accomplishment and now hosts a multitude of entertainment which include fashion shows, concerts, and festivals for the public to enjoy.

Generator Paris has a rooftop terrace which offers the perfect sunset views and captures the romance of the locale. Living in the fast paced city of Paris you may feel rushed off your feet, sit back and relax in the Generator’s chill out area.


A60 at SIXTY SoHo New York private rooftop bar is open to members and hotel guests only. The terrace makes you feel a world away from the city beneath, enjoy its beautiful panoramic views whilst you sip on exquisite drinks.


The Norman’s rooftop area offers a calm get away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle. You can spoil yourself with the massaging services available, in-room treatments and an infinity pool.



Pause city life to feel the wind in your hair, the grass beneath your feet and to be grateful for the world’s green spaces.

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