Aloe Aloe, Goodness me

By Jo Phillips

If you have ever been on holiday and caught a bit too much of the divine golden orb we worship, ending up a little more colourfully red than you intended, you may have been lucky enough to be near an Aloe Vera plant, torn a leaf off in order for it to extrude its cooling gel, to place on the red burn and can take some of the heat (and the embarrassment) off of it. A sensual cooling moment. This age-old treatment is not just still going strong, it has been revisited by Australian brand Jurlique and given a new fresh approach. Find out more in Aloe Aloe, Goodness Me, Here

Technology in skin care is a brilliant thing but also the herbologist and medical people of the past had ancient wisdom that still plays a part in our healing. Take Aloe Vera as an example. Elemental to our natural world this wise plant has progressed with science to share its ancient wisdom.

The 6th-century Byzantine Greeks had an illuminated manuscript of an even earlier 1st-century AD work, a rare example of a late antique scientific text. The majority of the illustrations were painted naturalistically to help pharmacologists in recognising plants. 

In later centuries, this codex was used daily as a textbook in the imperial hospital of Constantinople. And yes, one of the plants mentioned for medical purposes was Aloe Vera.

The plant itself was initially native to the Arabian Peninsula but grows wild in tropical, semi-tropical, and arid climates the world over and can even be seen as a pest.

This evergreen perennial (not to be confused with cacti) is a plant with parts that are thickened, fleshy, and engorged, usually to retain water in arid climates or dry soil conditions. The word succulent comes from the Latin word sucus, meaning “juice” or “sap.

And it’s the juiciness that we are drawn to. These clever little creatures known to store the water it gets and hold on to it. They are drought-resistant, because their leaves, stems, or roots have developed a water-storing tissue.

And so this plant has been known and loved for centuries for its cooling and hydrating properties so it’s no wonder many beauty brands have tapped into it as an ingredient.

As an ancient botanic ingredient, it’s important however to treat it well in order to get the best from it. That’s why Australian beauty brand Jurlique have added it to their collection of divine products.

Already an ingredient in some of their rose products, the company decided to grow their own Aloe Vera on their farm where they already grow the Roses for this product.

As with the Roses, the Aloe is grown biodynamically. I.e. farming systems that work in tandem with the moon, that follow a sustainable, holistic approach which uses only organic, locally-sourced materials for fertilizing and soil conditioning. The farm, then a closed, diversified ecosystem, often bases farming activities on lunar cycles.

This means the product grows exactly as the earth dictates and therefore produces a superior product. No cross fertilisation, no forced planting just letting nature give us her gifts.

And so Jurlique has created initially two new products with this Adelaide hills homegrown Aloe as the hero.

The Aloe Vera Mist. If you are already a fan of the Rose facial mist, don’t think that this can’t be just as adorable. Made up of Aloe with naturally derived Humectant (a water-absorbing chemical used to keep things moist and attract moisture to the skin) and Propanediol (to help with moisture absorbance) that gently hydrates the delicate facial skin.

The lightweight 100% natural origin mist spray with added delicious notes of green tea Cedarwood and Citrus brings a soft emotive experience to the scent. Not only does it cool and moisten the face it uplifts the soul. An absolute must for heady days, balmy nights or just when a little lift is required. A few presses of the pump, releasing the refreshing mist, is worth its weight in gold.

And as for the hand cream? The fragrance is again 100% of natural origin again Aloe Vera meets with Carrot Root extract as well as other plant oils that hydrate and soften skin. The perfect cream to massage your own hands or others and then breathed the soft sent in to fully feel fully physically and emotionally relaxed.

Soothing healing and relaxing these two products grown biodynamically are not grown in any way that will damage our precious planet and are at the same time good for us. This is just the start of the journey for Jurlique and Aloe Vera.

Just because a product is as old as the hills it doesn’t mean it isn’t ripe for new approaches and because here it has been done with Jurlique it’s safe to know it’s been done in the most ethical of ways.

To learn more about the history and the Jurlique farm please click here

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