Alps Spirit

By Smriti Agrahari

We know that expressing our creativity whether this be painting singing or even words stirs our emotions. What if the words you write are scented and impart a soothing comfort? Welcome from the brand of the Swiss pencil company Caran d’Ache fragranced fused pencils with the divine scents of Mizensir perfumes. Inspired by exotic woods this set have the power to stir the senses with the spirit of the Alps.


This sublime innovation by Caran d’Ache, the famous pencil company and Mizensir, the Geneva-based specialists in candles and ambient fragrances, have together developed a collection of pencils that are scented.

The speciality lies that these four graphite  “Alps Spirit” scented pencil is made from fine woods and are their manufacturing is based in Geneva.


The man behind this product is the founder of Mizensir, Mr. Alberto Morillas who is known for his contribution as a master perfumer who has created some of the most famous scents in the world and aims to celebrate the essence of mountains through this collection.


The divine essences include the likes of patchouli, cetalox with musk and nutmeg, that elevate the natural yet mineral scent of the soil rich deep forests and echo the very life source of the hundred-year-old surrounding trees such as larch and stone pine. Accompanied with the hint of orange in the process of reanimating the rising sun from the Alpines. Think soft warm woods with a hint of spice and freshness.


This collection marks an exotic twist to the traditional graphite pencils from Caran d’Ache. Continuing to honour noble and precious materials, Ayous and Poplar woods have been carefully chosen for their renowned solidity and lightness, as well as being easy to sharpen.


The softness and tranquillity of the ​Alps Spirit scent captivate aficionados and collectors of rare pencils, offering them a multi-sensory drawing and writing experience. This is the 9th edition of scented candles from the ???

he patchouli essences combined with cetalox and nutmeg call to mind the minerality of the open forests and their organic soils which provide the life source for regal hundred-year-old trees such as larch and stone pine. The hints of orange heighten the sensation of a fresh, gentle yet awe-inspiring sunrise over the Alpine peaks set against the infinite blue of the morning sky. The peace and tranquillity of the Alps Spirit scent will captivate aficionados and collectors of rare pencils.


Photo on left Karin Berndl

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