Anarchy: Bat and Ball prefer the Darkness

By Pascal Ebner

Bat and Ball- press shot
Chris and Abi Sinclair – Bat and Ball

Is there a stronger bond than the one siblings share? Abi and Chris Sinclair, also known as Bat and Ball, share this special bond – even on a musical basis! The newcomers have been musicians since their teen years and decided to combine their talents together with fellow Goldsmiths graduates Ed Burton, Jamie Coe and Harri Chambers.

Don’t expect simple Indie sound from Bat and Ball – the duo creates a fantastic nexus of genres that makes you wonder what the next track sounds like. All those new tunes will be available on 14 October in form of their debut EP “We Prefer it in the Dark”. Their title track is already clearing its path through the world wide web and the resonance is top-notch.

The sibs don’t have to explain their songs to each other – they simply know the other’s thoughts and ideas. We at .Cent wanted to dwell upon this and get to know the brother and sister – as well as their music – even more:

.Cent: To start off – the title of your debut EP is “We Prefer It In The Dark” – is that an actual fact?

Bat and Ball: ‘We prefer it in the Dark’ was actually written in the dark but we turned on the lights when we recorded it. But really, we love the sun; being from the Southwest, the sunny bit of England. 

.Cent: What gave you the initial boost to start Bat and Ball? Since this is the first time the two of you work together (as siblings) – was there an urge to form a band before?

Bat and Ball: There was never an urge before; in fact we kept our distance when it came to writing music. It started with a song that Abi wrote. Although I was gigging and writing with my own band, I would also take notice of what Abi was writing. I remember asking her to save that song for me. I had to say something because I knew it was special. We developed the song a few years later and we still play it now.

.Cent: With all the different kinds of Indie music these days – what would you say makes your sound unique? Is there something you can offer your fans’ ears that other bands can’t?

Bat and Ball: The funny thing about Bat and Ball is that we all have pretty diverse musical tastes and backgrounds. From the heavily classical influenced, to the, I’m never going to play clean guitar! Coming to university obviously brought us all to a similar musical place, however each member brings their own element; from a love of all sounds bazaar and beautiful, fat jazz chords, dance beats and words to burn in the mouth.

.Cent: Did you know from the start which genres you want to cover in your music or was it more of a development?

Bat and Ball: In the beginning there was never a conscious decision to create anything in any particular genre. We knew what music we liked but Bat and Ball started as an experiment- we recorded We Prefer it in the Dark ourselves; things only started developing when we met the rest of the band at university. 

.Cent: Can you share your most precious experience (so far) as a band with us?

Bat and Ball: Playing at the Olympics last year was really cool. Getting in was like trying to get through airport security- they took our photos and we had to wear special nametags. Finishing the E.P has also been a fantastic feeling.

.Cent: If you could take a glimpse into the future, where would you like to see yourselves?

Bat and Ball: We want to keep writing and developing our sound as a band. Hopefully we’ll do some tours and festivals next year- we’d love to see how music is done all over the world. 

Check out their most recent track “We Prefer It In The Dark”:

The music video for Bat and Ball’s “We Prefer it in the Dark”:

Those of you, who can’t wait to decrypt the duo’s enigmatic music: Bat and Ball will release their same-titled debut EP “We Prefer It In The Dark” on 14 October on Hospital Samples. More songs can be found on SoundCloud and YouTube. (find links below)

For more information, as well as sounds by Bat and Ball, make sure to check their offical website, Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube Channel, Twitter and SoundCloud Channel.

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