Anarchy: Exclamation Pony !!!

By Pascal Ebner

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Exclamation Pony

What happens when two renowned musicians meet each other in Tokyo? The answer is Exclamation Pony! Ryan Jarman (known from the Band The Cribs) and Jen Turner (also singing in Here We Go Magic) decided to fuse their musical ideas and created the catchy tune “Rumours”, recorded in New York. The two didn’t work in just one studio though – wherever the duo met up, they turned their ideas and thoughts into music – the result: “PSEUDO-INDIVIDUAL/MAZES”, the first official release of Ryan & Jen.

But Exclamation Pony did not only make buzz in the big city of New York – no – they even expanded their range to the United Kingdom, giving the British people a new kind of music to enjoy. The new track “Rumours” gives the perfect insight into their upcoming sound and is one of those tunes you want to replay constantly, whether you’re at work, in your car or just for fun.

Their debut recording “PSEUDO-INDIVIDUAL/MAZES” will be available on 23 September and will be released via Cult Records, which is led by Julian Casablancas of The Strokes. To pre-order the album simply head over to!

Listen to their track “Rumours” below:

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