Anarchy: It’s Absolutely Free

By Pascal Ebner

Absolutely Free

What used to be DD/MM/YYYY is now Absolutely Free (or ∆bsolutely Free), a four-piece band from Toronto, who are ready to reignite their passion for music and surely won’t let their fans down so easily. Therefore the band is happy to announce the release of their upcoming EP “On the Beach”, which will be available on 29 October.

The new band name does not change the fact that Absolutely Free are still top-notch in their field – with plenty of upcoming shows and plenty of new tracks (check out their latest single “Clothed Woman, Sitting” down below) it’s quite obvious that these guys know what they’re doing: With a trippy & psychedelic sound, the unique hypnotizing voice and beats that will make you tap along Absolutely Free will lift you up and you will feel ‘absolutely free’ – almost as if you float through space.

In December 2012 the band released their debut single “UFO” and managed to leave their temporary disappearance behind in no time. If you try to find a band to compare – good luck, cause Absolutely Free have their own genre: a sound that is not easily copied or found elsewhere.

Feel free to listen to their new single down below and check out some more tunes on SoundCloud – you can find all the links at the bottom. By the way – be warned – cause their websites are just as trippy as their sound!

Check out Absolutely Free’s most recent track “Clothed Woman, Sitting”:

More tunes from their first EP:

Got curious? Feel free to hop over to their official website for more information on tour dates, releases and more. Don’t forget to check out their Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud pages!

Their brand new EP “On The Beach” featuring the songs “Clothed Woman, Sitting” and “On The Beach” will be available on 29 October on Lefse Records as digital download or 12″ vinyl. (Preorder available!)

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