Anarchy: It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll

By Jo Phillips

Inspiration of Hannah Martin Story 1
Inspiration of Hannah Martin’s It’s only rock ‘n’ roll

The free-spirited sound of rock ‘n’ roll has inspired many designers through out the times, as designers interpret it in each of their own way. Consequently, the rebellious trend confidently makes its stance in Fashion every now and then. Growing up listening to Rolling Stones and going to Glastonbury every year since she was eight certainly have an effect on jewellery designer Hannah Martin, as the music embeds a certain attitude and mindset in her.

Hannah is not just another jewellery designers in London’s bubbling pool of talent, her designs are unique in all ways. Creating designs somewhere between fashion and art, her work is often based around a character, which she calls stories not collections.

It’s only rock ‘n’ roll by Hannah Martin

One of these stories is entitled “It’s only rock ‘n’ roll” – a lavish body of work that elegantly breaks all design and gender boundaries. Not only did Hannah set stones on the inside of rings, but also changed convention through upside down rubies and sapphires. Furthermore, she seduced men to wear pearls in black and white. One of her best sellers is indeed a necklace of black pearls with a gold spur pendant. Naturally, these precious and powerful pieces are all jewellery girlfriends would self-absorbedly “borrow”.

Studying the characters and personalities of Rock ‘n’ roll also leads to Hannah’s lucid use of shape and colour combinations. Seen in this story are the iconic spur, spike and stud crafting sharp and aggressive yet elegant shapes, while her signature coating of black rhodium over 18 carat yellow gold adds an utterly luxurious decadence combining dark hedonism and raw masculinity.

Hendrick’s Gin and fine jewellery designer Hannah Martin unveil an exquisite, limited edition Hip Flask pack available exclusively at Harrods, RRP £795. Photography: Joss Mc Kinley

Besides creating uncompromising jewellery designs, Hannah Martin has recently collaborated with Hendrick’s Gin. Sharing the same strong craftsmanship values, believes in creativity and unconventional thinking, the result of this partnership is a lavish limited-editioned hip flask – an alluring piece that will make collectors’ eyes glimmer this Christmas.

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