Anarchy: The Raft of The Medusa

By Jo Phillips

wolfe von lenkiewicz_2

Wolfe von Lenkiewicz re-sequences the history in his newest exhibition hosted by All Visual Arts at 2 Omega Place.

By reworking iconic images of artists such as Michelangelo, Ingres, Cezanne, Warhol and even Disney, Lenkiewicz continues to bravely break the rules, while also referencing to the mythology of originality. According to the artist, every great painting in the history of Western Art emerges from previous works by previous artists.

wolfe von lenkiewicz_1
Wolfe von Lenkiewicz Fearful Symmetry 200×120 cm

As a result, “The Raft of The Medusa” is not only proving Lenkiewicz as an artist but also touching the subjects of mysticism, philosophy and theology making his work multi-dimensional, provocative and definitely worth the viewer’s attention.

wolfe von lenkiewicz_3

The Raft of The Medusa is on from 13th September until 20th october at 2 Omega Place London. For more information visit the All Visual Arts’ website.

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