Annie Lennox is back in full form.

By Yasmin Sholgami

An icon, a legend, there is only one Annie Lennox. Carving her way into the music scene in the early 80s, Annie is still listened to and respected by thousands around the world. Her latest venture into music comes in the form of a 12 track album titled ‘Nostalgia’. Describing it as ‘a labour of love’ in this record we see a whole new side of Lennox, do we dare say this her most courageous album to date?ANNIE LENNOX_2014-Press Shot.lo-res (3)

Just as the title suggests, Annie has made this album about taking a trip down memory lane, venturing into the 30s and 40s where blues and jazz was at its peak. In this album we hear Annie covering some of the great blues songs such as ‘Georgia on my mind’ (by Ray Charles), ‘I put a spell on you’ (by Jay Hawkins) and ‘Summertime’ (by George Gershwin), of course interpreting them in her own well-known way and putting her personal spin on these classics.

Annie has voiced that ‘Nostalgia’ has been not only her musical journey through times gone by, capturing her personal memories of listening to a wide range of musical genres from being a child to today but it has also been an outlet for her to express her love for men, through being a feminist.

In the 7 minute trailer Lennox describes how the album came to be as well as her journey in the course of finding herself through every song, exposing her vulnerability in each track.

Whether she’s doing rock, pop, electro or blues- we love her and we adore this new release!

Nostalgia will be released by Island Records on 27th October 2014.

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