Anokha Man; Check The New Vibe In Skincare

By Julie Jacobs

I love talking to creators of cosmetic and skincare companies. I gain insight and understanding of ‘what; when; why and who’ about the brand and the creators’ enthusiasm is infectious. Meeting Dr. Nina S Naidu MD FACS founder of Anokha skincare was one such experience. Read more about Anokha Man; Check The New Vibe In Skincare here.

Photography by Jason Yates

There’s a growing band of physicians who carry their own skincare line. However, Dr Naidus is one of a few who’ve created their own formulations. She’s developed clinical-grade skincare in response to her patient’s needs for post-procedure optimal topical care. So after years of independent research in cosmetic chemistry Dr Naidu’s luxury Anokha Skincare was born. Designed to replace harsh medical-grade products with botanical-based remedies that equal or surpass the results of current clinical brands.

And now, for equality and balance, Anokha Man is her latest brainchild and launch. Creating a specific range for men while there’s a growing trend of developing gender-neutral skincare is a bold, science-based, move.

“there are epidermal structural differences between the sexes’ – mainly due to testosterone – therefore topical needs will differ”.

Dr Naidu

Higher levels of testosterone cause sebum production to be greater in males than females. This accounts for them generally having oilier skin and longer-lasting acne. It also causes an increase in skin thickness which is why a man’s skin is about 20% thicker than a woman’s. Also, regardless of age, they have a higher collagen density.┬áCollagen reduces at a constant rate throughout their life, as opposed to the nose dive women experience during menopause.

I actually didn’t really think of a male’s skin as ‘sensitive’. What with their extra thickness and all why would I? However I forgot to take into account regular shaving (otherwise known as extreme exfoliation). Dr Naidu explained that a shaved face exposes the uppermost layer of skin cells. This enables ingredients to enter straight into the epidermis; even the blood system. So mild ingredients for those of us who don’t have to shave, can be a ‘no no’ to a freshly shaved face.

So men, quoting Dr Naidu herself, treat your skin because

“clear, hydrated, and radiant skin isn’t reserved just for women”.

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