Aquila, The Eagle

By Jo Phillips

Flying high, higher, up past the clouds lifts the Eagle. Soaring up and up so that come the darkened evening, it sits as the most sparkling, visible constellation in the night sky. This most regal of birds was very important to both Romans and Greeks not just in philosophical terms but also as a figurehead. It represented the head of the army for Romans and is the most pronounced of the cluster of stars forming an image based on mythological heroes and legends visible in the sky known by its Latin name; Aquila, and now this majestic animal has inspired a scent.

Aquila is a constellation of stars seen in the night sky its name is Latin for ‘Eagle’ and it represents one of the chief attributes and personifications of the Greek God Zeus ( king of the cosmos). As a symbol of strength it became the emblem of the Roman legions, the likeness of an eagle with spread wings was on top of the banner of each legion.

In the primal zodiac sign (they represent people’s instinctive animal nature) the eagle stands for power, majesty, and devotion, those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of the Eagle are born to dedicate themselves to a cause with an intensity rarely seen by any of their peers. Their intensity springs from their personal passion and idealism, and those who are honest with their deepest desires will find themselves inexplicably drawn toward them and they also represent beauty, light and immortality.

In Roman times this mythical bird was often shown accompanied by a serpent. This symbolized good in the form of an eagle triumphing over the snake, evil. It symbolised an imperial rule or was used as a funerary emblem. Its name actually comes from the Arabic phrase al-nasr al-tair, meaning “the flying eagle”.

The Romans, of course, loved excess; water scented with rose, seduction, food and partying were part and parcel of daily life with perfumes being part of daily cleansing rituals.

It is the very essence of the above that has been the heart of the latest scent from UK brand Electimuss; meet Aquila Absolute. The brand takes its very central themes from Roman times and utilises these with each blend they create, because the Romans were deeply into perfumes and they took great stoke in mythology. So Electimuss London intertwines all this love and knowledge into the perfumes they create.

Electimuss means “to choose the best” so this is a meeting of the best quality of ingredients, in a stunning vessel to bring out the power, hero and winning spirit in us all via the scent we choose to wear.

So how has this very energy and passion been transported into a fragrance? Well, the top opens with a blast of vibrant fruity notes of fresh, sharp, sweet, and almost rosey Raspberry and facets of warming lemon, woody and balsamic undertones of soft spice via Cardamom that together dazzle brightly.

This moves into a very long-lasting centre, find floral, fresh with powdery hints of Black Pepper via the heady-elegance of Turkish Rose and sharp Herbaceous with sweet minty-rose undertones that echo the Rose thanks to the second keynote in its heart via Geranium Oil.

The base is the perfect balance to fruity florals taking the scent deeper and darker with notes. Find facets of earthy, Amber musky, slightly sweet aromas, and musks via hits of Resin, Labdanum, Patchouli and White Oud. With this find fresh cool-cucumber fresh tones via metallic Violet Leaf and earthy, woodsy sweet elements from a Leather accord. All coming together under the safe signature of perfumer Perfumer Julien Rasquinet.

This modern, fruity, floral and unisex fragrance comes delivered in a crafted glass flacon synonymous with the company but this time the rose gold upper, and the circular symbol that displays the fragrance name are joined by a regal blue bottom half, with light speckles of stars dusted across it. Also really worth noting for its impressive spray cap, the atomisers have been uniquely designed to deliver just the right even amount of perfume with every spray.

All of the collection of scents come in at an impressive 25% plus Pure Perfume and the company works in partnership with ingredient providers LMR whose natural oils are of the highest quality, and traceable. With this high percentage of quality ingredients, this means outstanding performance, projection and longevity.

The eagle with its quasi-religious importance to the Roman soldier now has been caught and bottled bringing with it sultry floral notes with fruity ambery leather and Oud ‘talons’ blended to perfection. The perfume catches the very spirit of the majestic bird high Aquila constellation, radiant, uplifting and empowering in the night.

Available at Electimusss.Com here

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