Art Gift

By Jo Phillips

Many of us are confused as to why we are going through such strange times. What is this forced period really about? For some, it’s about taking this period to reflect, from which to ease forward into a newer world where things are kinder more responsible to others. Taking this time to cleanse ourselves physically mentally and emotionally. Creatives are often those driving this forward. Meet Artist  Ofira Sagy as she explains her views and works relating to this particular Art Gift.

Copyright Ofira Sagy

Israeli artist  Ofira Sagy paints images that speak to our souls healing us as we engage. Here she explains:-

“This is the first time in tens of thousands of years that we have received a ‘gift’ from creation and this gift is the cleansing of our karmas. These energetic duties create for us encounter with all kinds of people in life whose essence is to grow us and allow us an inner glimpse and a better choice for ourselves.

This ‘notebook’ had been running for years and years and made us walk around with a backpack of patches on our backs. Such as fear, dependence, lack of self-love, selfishness and more.

This burden is now being removed from us in these trying days and allows us to start a new page in our lives. From this feeling, I created the painting that is in front of you that expresses unity between a man and a woman but also the unity of our male and female parts.

When we are in a state of oneness this consciousness allows us the cooperation of all our parts. Unity connects us to trust with a higher power than us and with a directed hand that everything is all accurate.

Everything is in order. This feeling is a connection to inner health as health begins first in thought. In Hebrew, the word health is derived from the word creation. Some say they see two figures in the painting uniting at a midline. Look at the painting for a few minutes, the frequency at which it will fill you with oneness, declare that you are united in the midline with all your parts and you will be able to feel the essence of oneness: love. In love, there is no end” Ofira Sagy 

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