By Deeksha Sachan

We invariably say how tiring our day was, but do we ever think that our skin gets tired too! Our skin struggles with pollutants and stress all day long leaving it sensitive and irritated. Have you struggled to find products for the perfect beauty regime for your specific skin concern whatever may it be dehydration, sensitivity, acne, scarring, menopause or even an allergic reaction? Believe in the facts, not just the marketing claims, whether you are struggling with sensitivity or your ideal coverage concealer, Vichy Laboratories is your safe haven.  It’s satisfying to know that there is a safety promise to keep your skin healthy and look beautiful naturally. Their skincare innovation formulates products in close collaboration of dermatologists and rigorous tests to transform your skin.

VICHY_DERMABLEND - FDT Fluid Co rrective - N°30 BEIGE - Pack


Vichy’s factory is 3 miles from Auvergne, one of the splendid treasures of France’s heritage, natural flora and fauna at its best, not penetrated by the city pollution. All products manufactured with the water from these rich valleys of many rivers as a base, with more than 15 essential minerals including calcium, potassium and manganese. Vichy’s award-winning skin booster, Mineral 89 ensures your skin the naturally fortifying properties for healing your skin from battles of the daily tumultuous metropolis lifestyle.

VICHY_DERMABLEND - SOS Stick - Open pack - Shade 35

One of the industry’s premier innovators, Vichy uses 54 expert methods to create cosmetics under strict medical control. To complete your beauty regime and look flawless throughout the day with paraben-free, art of camouflage for all complexions, they have developed a wide DERMABLEND range. The DERMABLEND colour corrector comes in four colours to neutralise yellowish skin tones, reduce redness, camouflage spots, pigmentation and under eye circles. The DERMABLEND Daily mail INSPIRE beauty Award 2018 winner SOS Corrective Stick, Corrective Fluid Foundation and Setting Powder are all available in a range of shades to provide you fantastic coverage for severe concerns of your skin yet treat it continuously, for straight 16 hours. Vichy Laboratories provides you with a complete package of exceptional face care to cleanse, soothe, nourish and protect and rock in your complexion and all this at an extremely reasonable price, available at Vichy.

VICHY_DERMABLEND - FDT 3D Corr ection - N°30 BEIGE - Pack

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