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By Catarina Wilk

The Film London Jarman Award announced this year’s winner at Whitechapel Gallery!

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image: Jarman Award 2014.

Established by the British film director and artist Derek Michael Jarman who was definitely one of the most forward-thinking and therefore, influential video artists of his time, the annual prize pays attention and supports artists “working with moving image and celebrates the spirit of experimentation, imagination and innovation in the work of emerging artist filmmakers”.

This year’s shortlisted moving-image artists were Adam Chodzko, Gail Pickering, Alia Syed, Bedwyr Williams, Andrea Luka Zimmerman and Belfast-based artist and filmmaker Seamus Harahan has won the 2015 Film London Jarman Award at a special event at London’s Whitechapel Gallery and follows in the footsteps of previously shortlisted artists including Duncan Campbell, Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, Luke Fowler, Elizabeth Price and Laure Prouvost.

Harahan himself describes his work as a combination of documentary and music video. Brilliant indeed!

Seamus Harahan, Mr. & Mrs. Compost, 2013 from Film London on Vimeo.

“Seamus Harahan was selected for this year’s Jarman Award thanks to his amazing eye and his intuitiveness, both of which come to the fore in his vignettes of urban life. Elegantly and effectively scored and crafted with a simplicity of means, he makes profoundly beautiful and deeply engaging films that push the boundaries of art and documentary. His work is moving and humorous, making him winner of this year’s Jarman Award.” (The Jury of The Film London Jarman Award)

Along with the 2015 Jarman Award, The Jules Wright Prize for Female Creative Technicians which was launched by Film London and The Wapping Project and funded by the Women’s Playhouse Trust is another new great way of paying attention and rewarding females that are working in the field of artist filmmaking.
The basic idea behind The Jules Wright Prize is to reward “UK-based female creative technicians who have played a significant role in the area of artists’ moving image production”.

This year’s nominees were Taina Galis, Suzie Lavelle, Margaret Salmon and cinematographer Noski Deville who won the prize for her outstanding talent in terms of moving image production.

.Cent Magazine congratulates this year’s winners!

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