Assisting Beyond Skin’s Surface

By Millie Winter

You roam the aisle for skincare products and see that item descriptions vary from box to box, brand to brand. You find yourself contemplating whether you crave the serum that is described as refreshing, or maybe you want the one that works with your sensitive skin, such a variety to choose from. Find out more in Assisting Beyond Skin’s Surface Here. 

So, shrugging your shoulders, you choose one and head to the till to pay. The process of picking your skincare products then falls into similar activities like the toothpaste you pick, the shampoo you use, or the razor you buy. Grabbing your toiletries becomes an automated process focused on your own present needs.

Yet the action of buying skincare can be more than just this. Skincare’s impact can reach beyond just our skin. You know you are doing something for yourself whilst getting your creams, lotions, and potions, but you can also buy into doing something for others. 

Skincare brands like Supper Club Skincare and Bao have made this possible for everyday shoppers. They have created brands where buying into everyday products provides the ability and the pleasure of, giving back.

Their unique focus is on enabling the association between caring for your skin with helping others and our environment. So serums that can improve the quality of our skin, can also improve the life around us. It flips the narrative and turns the process away from being just about us but about us in a greater world.

Here in our article Assisting Beyond Skin’s Surface, we look into three of the brands that are working to promote campaigns and environmental conservation through skincare.

Starting with Anton and Alex at Wake Skincare who have partnered with Women’s aid to expand their brand to help others. Donating 5% of their net profit to the campaign, they can help women who are victims of domestic abuse. When you buy a Wake product, you are directly aiding women in need. 

Wake eye gel works to combat dark circles and under-eye bags. Simultaneously, it hydrates the skin and contains many vitamins to help prevent ageing.  Also, find in the line, a face mask and face cream. Items can be used to reduce a wide range of your daily blemishes. Each product promotes cleaner and healthier-looking skin by reducing acne, blocked pores, and dead skin.

By using glass packaging, the company has worked towards protecting our environment as well.

Also focused on giving back to human rights campaigns, Bao (The Black Apothecary Office Inc.) is an accelerator brand that works on establishing lasting connections with beauty & tech startups for Black and Latinx creators.  Accelerator programs work to build on themselves and others by being backed by a handful of major brands.

Connecting with start-up brands is Baos “MO”. They provide several creators with the tools they need to dive right into their business. Specifically, they look at boosting health and beauty brands. 

Their mission: “To transform the way consumers interact with Black-owned and Latinx-owned beauty and wellness brands. This means establishing lasting connections with beauty & tech startups.”

Comparatively, purchasing from Supper Club skincare their Sabzi serum directly respects environmental principles. This brand emphasizes the beauty of how our planet is naturally helping us, through supplying natural exquisite materials that can have bountiful effects. 

Founder, Ziad Halub, values the concept of sourcing when it comes to his skincare products. Supper Club works with ingredients that are abundant in nature. 

The brand works towards demonstrating the multiple usages for natural ingredients. Halub describes this concept as sourcing, a belief that was a large part of his upbringing as his mum was a great influence, always sharing with him each products’ multiple uses.

Innovative brands like these, are important to help us in not just helping ourselves and looking after our skin but aiding us in helping others and looking after our planet. They have made profound connections that have ignited the possibility of a deeper impact when it comes to the use of daily products. 

You can now walk through the skincare section and seek out brands like Wake, Sabzi, and Bao to gain that proactive feeling through a task as simple as buying skincare.

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Illustrations by Anna Martín.

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