Atelier Sings

By Sadie Andrew

Atelier Cologne are collaborating with the amazing singer-songwriter Charli XCX to celebrate the launch of their latest fragrance ‘Love Osmanthus’, based on the holly-like shrub with small white flowers. Its use in perfumes is becoming more and more popular; described as the ‘flower of fairytales,’ the smell is ethereal and floral combining honey and apricot notes with woody and leathery undertones. The combination of this with the explosion of citrus makes ‘Love Ostmanthus’ a fresh, fruity perfume, wrapped up with warm base notes. Read more here in Atelier Sings.

The Ostmanthus flower is a traditional Asian symbol of Love and Romance, and is associated with a number of Lunar legends in China. At the Chinese Moon Festival, it is often infused with rice wine as families gathered outside to hear tales of the Moon, the sweet Osmanthus, and the figures of Chinese legends from their ancestors.

As you can’t go out to your own festivals this year, Atelier Cologne are bringing one to your very own home, with a 24-hour world tour. Perfumes can be just like a music song, when you press ‘play’, they have the power to make you travel in time and space in just one spray.

Its first virtual music festival, Atelier Cologne takes you on an emotional journey defying boundaries, from October 29 to October 30 with international artists like Doja Cat, Charli XCX, Henry Lau and Videoclub.

Charli XCX will be performing live on the Atelier Cologne Website at 9pm on the 29th October.

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