Attraction for Social

By Jo Phillips

Attraction and engagement on Instagram: how to gain more followers than ever in 3 easy steps

The times have changed drastically – today it is not enough to post brilliant content to attract as many followers as possible. You have to work with promotional tools, cooperate with an SMM-pro maybe and always be out there for your newly coming audience. Basically, all of it is a full-time job that can take away lots of your resources. This is why we have decided to make this article to give novices several important pieces of advice and dissect the long path towards popularity in 3 easy steps. We will talk about an opportunity to buy Instagram followers as a base of your promotion, about where you should start and what should go in the end.

Step 1: sort the content

The smartest thing would be to decide in the very beginning which content you’re going to make free and which is going to become the “paid” one or presented as the more valuable one, the one that’s going to become the major reason to subscribe to you. It might be because of the unique experience that you have had or because of the special knowledge that you have; you get what we mean here.

Plus, content plan is still a thing – the best results can be achieved when everything is planned ahead, preferably, for weeks ahead. You don’t need to make it extremely detailed, but the list of topics sorted by the type of posts are going to be quite handy when it comes to following a regular posting schedule. And this, accordingly, is key to success online – the more frequently you post, the better your visibility on this platform is.

Step 2: use paid promotional services from the side

The possibility to buy real Instagram followers can help with building up a base for the future promotion of your page – the more subscribers you buy, the better your page is going to look in the eyes of random page’s visitors. But don’t try to chase the quantity from the very beginning, you have to make your promotion look balanced and suitable to your current profile’s size. You can divide the wanted number into small portions and take on them gradually.

Step 3: PR from bloggers and targeted ads

When the base of paid subscribers is ready, you can proceed to other paid methods, the more expensive and the more specific ones. We call them specific because by dint of those you will be able to get the audience that is surely interested in the content that you post and in the products/services you’re trying to advertise and sell via IG.

PR can be free (if it is mutual and with the bloggers who have approximately the same number of subs as you do) and paid, if you’re choosing to work with the bigger bloggers. The second option is surely better, because this way you’re getting a real chance (sometimes bloggers even give certain warranties) of getting more pre-interested subs to your page.

Targeted ads should be set regularly, so that you wouldn’t fall out of view of your potential audience – make the audience reach not that wide, but make sure that the ad runs always. Yes, it is going to become a permanent cost item to you, but the results are going to totally be worth the game.

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