August’s Hero; concealers

By Julie Jacobs


For the first five years of my career I never used concealers, when I did try one I didn’t like the way it dried the delicate skin around the eye area, I would use cream foundations to conceal instead. Then I was given a Givenchy Mister Light concealer and I have to admit; my model and I were incredibly surprised at how effective it was. Since then I have tried out numerous brands and have a few favorites that are always in my professional and personal make-up bags.


GENIUS! GENIUS! GENIUS! Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage  is one of a select few products I refer to as a ‘Genius’ or intelligent product. When it comes to make-up those words will not be over used by me. The mix of the two colours not only lightens or darkens, it also warms or cools the colour you’re mixing. Basically you’re custom blending your concealer for an altering complexion throughout the year…which is so intelligent! 



Givenchy Mister Light

As I mentioned, Givenchy Mister Light,was the first concealer that I liked, and I’ve carried a set in my kit ever since. It’s very light in texture so there’s no fear of caking…you could call it my first love.


MAC Studio Finish SPF 30

Great coverage’ is what comes to mind when I think of this MAC Studio Finish SPF 30.  If I need to cover a mark anywhere on the face or body this is my go to concealer.  It mixes and blends with ease, remains in place (without drying) and is malleable all at the same time.


Cover FX Cream Concealer is another favourite.  A few of the shades have a warmth in colour so I sometimes use those as a corrector concealer. Take note, a little goes a very very long way.

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