Awaken Your Senses

By Lysandre Leconte

To live and survive in our world, we have always learned to find our way around with our five senses. To experience our world, we work with each of them. All five senses are important and essential. Each of them is a unique experience and allows us to flow through this world truly having a full experience of it and that brings lightness and depth to our lives. There is a kind of link that flows between each sign. Like an invisible but indivisible link. They are united. However, we do not necessarily realise this. For example, smell and taste are linked, when we smell a smell we can perceive the taste. When we eat, the sense of smell allows us to better feel the flavours.
But also hearing and seeing are linked, we can watch a movie, a car or listen to a person talking. We can put a voice to a face or a sound to a picture. Find out more In Awaken Your Senses Here

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Could you imagine going to a museum, a restaurant or a concert without listening, tasting or seeing? Could you imagine taking a walk on the beach without feeling the sun on your skin, the wind in your hair, the smell of the sea crashing against the rocks, without feeling the sensation of the grains of sand on our skin and the soft sound of the ocean waves? Perhaps we take our five senses for granted. Our sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing…

Our five senses are part of us and our bodies. They have always accompanied our life and they fascinate us in our everyday life, we could even say that they give it a sense. Thanks to them we live our lives to the full, feel emotions, have adventures, and discover the world. We perceive the world deeply and intensely. Each of our senses is an incredible piece of art. But did you know that there are museums all over the world that showcase these gifts and allow us to explore things that we often don’t take the time to think about, things that we have may never have paid attention to and yet are sewn into our very being?

A museum of the senses offers the opportunity to acquire and enhance new knowledge, pass on cultural heritage, to strengthen our critical sense and creativity through exhibitions and arts.

It is a new, surprising, and unique experience. Discover new sensations. It is the idea of immersing yourself in a magic world.

For example, our sight is a blessed sense, it’s probably the most developed human’s sense. Where we get to admire the ones we love the world we live in and the colours of everything around us.

So meet the Color Factory in the USA.

Image by K Tao Flickr

Enter a fascinating and colourful world, and discover the richness and depth of colours. Each colour has a meaning and a symbol, let’s take the example of blue, red and white.

Blue is a colour linked to dreams, wisdom and serenity but also to truth, loyalty and freshness. Blue reflects life, travel and discovery. It is a soothing colour, we can find a certain inner calm by looking at the deep blue of the sky or the ocean and relax, immerse ourselves in our thoughts.

Red is the most fascinating of all colours, this colour has many meanings such as love, sensuality, seduction, danger, prohibition, passion, power, but also blood and heat. It sublimates many flowers like roses, tulips… Red is a reassuring, warm and energetic colour.

White is purity, neutrality, peace, appeasement, calm, innocence, serenity and divinity. It is also a luminous colour that inspires courage and calm.

All of the colours have a unique power and beauty. So let yourself be tempted and come into a colourful world. Color Factory is located in four cities in the USA: San Francisco, New York, Houston, and Chicago. Various installations and rooms have been carefully chosen by artists, institutions, organisations, and art brands. The artists come from all over the world and create beautiful and unique experiences just for you. Also its good to realise that the Color Factory makes art accessible to all and wants you to learn about the importance of colours in our world. So play, discover, observe, awaken your senses.
The special sites aim to immerse every visitor in a colourful artistic world, brighten up his or her day, and to bring a little happiness home.

But if you want to get a little more interactive with the experience and feel more connected to the senses, then why not take a trip to Germany to the Schloss Freudenberg, a sensory museum located in Wiesbaden.

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This manor house and its gardens have been designed to awaken your five senses through various objects and experiences. With its size and gardens, you can spend several hours discovering everything. Be curious and discover the world around you. You are encouraged to immerse yourself in the sensations of the objects, by touching, listening, tasting, smelling and seeing them. They stimulate your five senses. This is a truly interactive and unique exhibition.

In the garden, enjoy unique experiences with your senses such as touch. Take off your shoes and feel with your feet the sensations of the earth, stones and nature, but also walking through a labyrinth. You can sit down in the garden and elevate your senses, admiring the plants, the flowers, listening to the wind blowing through the trees, the birds singing, smelling the delicate scent of the sun, the flowers and leaves.

In the manor house, let yourself be tempted by the “dark bar” exhibition, go into a dark and gloomy room where you have to find something to sit on, and taste some juices and food without knowing what it is beforehand.  Discover new flavours and of course, you won’t know what it was until afterward. An opportunity to immerse yourself in the depth of flavour and taste while being immersed in darkness.

If you want to awaken your hearing and sight, why not go to Rainbow Vomit in Dallas. Hearing is an important and surprising sense. We can hear sounds, music, and films and be transported by them. Hearing can make us hear the world around us and understand it. It is an immersive art experience for your visual and auditory senses in sound, light, art, and photos, with various styles of art, balloons, ribbons, LED, cotton, colours, but also a multimedia show mixing dance and music with various technologies. Explore this colourful and fantastic world. All the installations were made by a collaboration between fifteen artists and the designers Deanna Theis, Robert Andrews, and Jason Mendez. Travel through this wonderful universe and awaken your senses. 

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