Bad Girl With A Curl:

By Brittany Lane

There was a little girl,

Who had a little curl,

Right in the middle of her forehead.

When she was good,

She was very good indeed,

But when she was bad she was horrid.


If this poem springs back a distant childhood recollection, particularly that of the badness of those with curly hair, then you’ll know one of the common myths; curly-haired girls are naughty girls. This is the first of many myths about curly hair, there happens to be a few others that are not truthful.

Here’s another one; curly hair doesn’t grow past a certain length; crazy, I know. This is a myth that is said a lot. However it is important to note shrinkage, the curly hair co-star can cause some confusion for those without springy locks. Curly hair can in fact grow past a certain length, just like any other hair type but curls can just be deceiving in really seeing the actual length. 

What about this one? Do not use shampoo. Although conditioner is curly hair’s best friend, this myth does seem quite strange considering every scalp needs a good cleaning now and again. In comparison to the straight and wavy hair counterparts, curly hair isn’t necessary to wash as often due to this hair type usually being drier than others which seem to produce more oil. The truth is, curly-haired scalps still need to be cleaned from the products used, skin cells, and exterior dirt that builds up just like every other hair type.

Myth number three; accepting unmanageable hair as a part of your life. A myth most with curly hair can shiver at, not just because it is untrue but also tiring to hear. Though this myth can be easily debunked with the hair ranges catering to the needs of curly hair now available. Products that offer variety and inclusivity to all different problems regarding curls, with brands who do just this such as Boucleme; of which have created their whole brand to serve for the curly hair population and focus primarily on just their needs. 

Boucleme has set out a mission that is to understand the needs of curly hair and therefore provide the right ingredients to give it the right support. As curly hair is drier than other hair types, it requires a different approach to activate nourishment from the cuticles through onto the strand; which is why Boucleme products are packed with high-performance actives to provide moisture and vitality to the hair.

If the moisture and nourishment of Boucleme products have already attracted you, check out their new product not just for hair care but also hair colouring. Softly packed within an environmentally friendly PCR bottle, presents Boucleme’s Colour Toning Drops, which helps banish the brassiness and brightens the hair colour without any harsh after-damage. Suitable for all hair shades, from bleach blonde to dark brunettes, the drops can be left-in or rinsed-out and added to your cleanser, conditioner or styling product. Though what is even better, the product is made up of 98.7% natural ingredients, specifically a bioactive complex from three Australian coastal flowers. 

The Red Spider Flower helps with nourishment and protection against free radical damage. Banksia provides additional protection from environmental stresses with its abundance of anti-oxidants. Kangaroo Paw, which is full of regenerative properties which assists in enhancing and securing in moisture. Lastly, the packed of amino acids and essential fatty acids, Blue Spirulina, which helps to encourage hair growth and improve overall hair health. 

Contemplating colouring your curly locks? Boucleme’s NEW Toning Drops. which will be available from the 28thof September 2020 on

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