Bagged It, AW/20

By Smriti Agrahari

Is it the kind of weather where a good day shopping will cheer me up? So as the sun peeks through the clouds I wrap up and venture out. I know what I want, I know what I love, but I also know I love to get lost in the glassy windows of my favourite shops, especially as we build-up to Christmas. London’s Bond Street a real favourite with its mix of traditional stores with wood fronts, glistening diamond-filled windows and extraordinary designers; the first stop always where my heart skips a beat is always Alexander McQueen. Read about it here is Bagged It, A/W 20.

Every time the glass door opened, it feels like walking into my own personal wonderland, and what grabs my sight straight away there sitting on the front shelf, The Tall Story, the existing range of oversized leather totes trimmed with contrasting lining and metallic fitting like handles, skulls, and studs. BUT low and behold the new line sits proudly named the Taller sister.

First I see the bold black Croco printed filling me with desire just to touch and feel its pressed texture. Adjacent to the tote was the charming fire red one. Like a moth to a flame, I started peeping into these sculpted bags, lined with contrast fabric, and leather trims. Functional in construction including all the essentials – laptop case and card slots that could secure my credit cards, along with the external zip pocket detailing.

But then, then I noticed another, a stunning beauty luxurious black leather, the three-dimensional quilting bestowed the bag with added depth. The metallic handle made elevating the trimming of the leather bag with the touch of the jewel-like short handle, so it can be used as a handbag. The extended long shoulder straps giving a second carrying option.

Spellbound I felt drawn to a patchwork style with contrasting leather, following the seasonal colour palette.

I earned my well-deserved treat this season as the Taller Sister of The Story was now going to be part of my winter essential. I bagged it!

Find out more here at Alexander McQueen here.

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