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While everyone is cutting back as we all learn to deal with our new world, BALMAIN is giving everything and upping the ante. With a new pre-fall collection and collaborations with Barbie and Netflix, BALMAIN is alive and kicking. See the designs and read more on Anti-Trim BALMAIN.

PH credit : courtesy of FARFETCH

Pre-Fall Collection

Oliver Rousteing, the creative director of the brand, was badly burned in an accident a year ago. He channelled his healing, new scars, and injuries into his designs. Mixing this with his appreciation of grunge, the collection came to life. This collection celebrates a truth that Oliver has learned to embrace,

‘a perfect form of beauty can often be found in what others can only see as imperfections’.

This collection is an unusual and unexpected merging of styles and outlooks visualised as ‘Kurt-Cobain-meets-Marie-Antoinette’. So, with a take on Cobain’s ‘thrift-store finds’ taking new spins on signature looks from Oliver’s earliest Balmain runways, while relying on couture techniques. This collection is also styled with gloves, boots, and helmets from Fox Racing, a global leader of apparel and equipment in Motorcycle and Mountain Bike safety. The collection counts on the refinements, craftsmanship and opulence expected from BALMAIN, impressive and polished.

Women Pre-Fall Collection 2022 (PH credit : courtesy of BALMAIN)
Men Pre-Fall Collection 2022 (PH credit : courtesy of BALMAIN)

Netflix collaboration

The collaboration between Netflix movie The Harder They Fall and BALMAIN launched on November 3rd. The movie is a Western picture embracing both historical truths and modern film-making techniques to give the genre a push forward. The limited-edition fringe-and-suede spirit designs meld the finesse of the brands’ runway and the film’s bold look. This might be the first luxury fashion collaboration for Netflix, but in BALMAIN’s earlier days, the brand has partnered with cinemas. FARFETCH will bring this collaboration to life creating 3D social content for Instagram. This way, fans are transported into the film sets and are able to buy this capsule collection on FARFETCH.

BALMAIN X The Harder They Fall (PH credit : courtesy of FARFETCH)


BALMAIN’s collaboration with Barbie is obviously all in pink shades channelling the bold graphic treatment that are recognisable as Barbies’.  Also, new takes on iconic silhouettes firstly presented on Paris Fashion Week runways reflect a new modern Barbie aesthetic but still remain true to the standards of BALMAIN’s ateliers. This collaboration embraces a new open spirit of empowerment and freedom rejecting gender limitations. Therefore, it is almost a 100% unisex collection because as the new Barbie states

there’s nothing holding us back anymore’.

This partnership is also available as online auctions of three one-of-a-kind Barbie and Ken NFTs. These NFTs are completely styled with the designs of the collaboration and come accompanied with a personalised Barbie-sized Balmain x Barbie ensemble for a unique physical and digital blend. This campaign makes it very clear that this is an inclusive, multicultural, and joy-filled quest.

BALMAIN X Barbie (PH credit : courtesy of BALMAIN)

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