Barebones; What a concept!

By Georgina Sussman

Japanese designer Issey Miyake is renowned for  creating Technology-Driven Clothing infused with innovative methods of pleating. Miyake’s influence and designs have created an aesthetic that’s simple and elegant combined with complexities that have yet to be mimicked by other designers. The fascinating designs are kept simple with minimalistic fabrics and patterns along with a classic Issey silhouette. The brand is one that has a recognisable aesthetic whose continual experiment in fashion cannot be faulted.


Issey Miyake’s influence very clearly compiles the barebones of the brand’s image. The styling and design that go into creating new silhouettes remain very focused around staying true to the brand values and the classic Miyake fashion that he originally envisioned. With the brand consistently creating new techniques, it is no surprise that they’re at the forefront of innovative design and fashion technology.


For the first time outside of Japan, the new Issey Miyake concept store in London has launched, which carry’s the brands “PLEATS PLEASE ISSEY MIYAKE”, “HOMME PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE” and “BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE”. The concept store designed by award-winning designer Tokujin Yoshioka, is a sleek and sophisticated space consisting of black and white tones and a 10m cutting-edge triangular steel powder coated hanger rail that suspends the clothes, and give off the clever illusion of the clothes floating in mid-air. The combination of the architectural structure and space with the clothing really enhances the beauty and individuality of each item.


A stand-out aspect of the store is the contrast of the Bateig blue limestone staircase that fluidly links the floors together along with the Bateig blue limestone tiles that line the flooring, creating a space that is harmonious yet unique. The mirrored walls and floating glass shelves add to the aspect of modernity in a historic building. The space perfectly promotes values of the brand through the classic yet modern layout of the store and the combination of simplicity and elegance, which contrasts fluidly with the  edge and innovativeness imbued in the space.


The concept store can be found on 33 Brook Street, London, W1K 4HG and is definitely worth the visit if you’re in London. If you’re looking for classic clothes with edge, or interior architecture that is absolutely sublime, Issey Miyake is a must!



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