Barebones: Capturing the Essence of Nature at Home

By Ravi Basnayake

We often tend to look through the window to contemplate the nature that surrounds us, to breathe in a good bowl of fresh air. This allows us to find a certain serenity and a feeling of well-being that only Mother Nature can offer us. And no matter what the season, whether it is spring, summer, fall or winter, each season has its own charm and perfectly reflect the continuous cycle of life. From renewal to blossoming, from decomposition to beyond. Going through these different seasons and witnessing the changes of nature not only allows us to evade a bland and boring life but is also good for the soul. So looking out the window means becoming aware of the unique beauty of nature and the unique beauty of each season. And if we could capture this essence of nature and celebrate its spirit consistently in our homes, what could be better than the very air that lingers around us both day and night?


This is exactly what we’re entitled to with the boldly named “The Five Seasons” collaboration from Alessi and Marcel Wanders and Baobab’s “Smell Like Summer” candles that invite you to discover the immensity of nature through a collection of home fragrances dedicated to our oldest and most instinctive sense: smell – the only sense that possesses the power to transport us to another a place and in another time to trigger such vivid memories.

But don’t be fooled! The Five Seasons is not just a range of home fragrances. On the contrary, it is all about celebrating design as a multi-sensory experience as each fragrance is accompanied by various objects with organic aesthetically pleasing forms created from natural materials that will also delight your sense of touch.

02 ALESSI The Five Seasons_LR

The collection features 5 fragrances embodying the 4 traditional seasons plus a creatively imagined final fragrance that reflects transcendence:

Brrr, the 1st fragrance is a mature fragrance simultaneously bright and chilling with notes of bergamot, Lily of the Valley and musk that perfectly captures the winter air.

Ahhh, 2nd in the collection represents the blooming of spring with its notes of hyacinth, vetiver and cardamom.

Hmm, that gives us a warm and vibrant summer with a bouquet of figs, red fruits and mixed wood is the third.

These 3 seasons are of course completed by a fourth, autumn.

Grrr, the complex, dense, smoky smell of autumn is evoked with a blend of incense and cedar wood and moss.

Without forgetting any time, the 5th fragrance:

Shhh which is a mysterious and spiritual additional season with notes of eucalyptus rose and patchouli.

And of course, as mentioned earlier, the collection is available in a range of home accessories including diffusers, scented candles and sprays including leaf diffusers inspired by leaves and petals instead of traditional reeds as well as another natural Sardinian lava stone diffuser. The designer Marcel Wanders has completed the collection with 2 new additions with a candle snuffer designed to look like a bee and the candle holder that is also a bottle stopper.

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To better enjoy the hot summer ahead, don’t forget the latest Baobab candles, another olfactory and aesthetic experience that will illuminate and refresh your home as well, just as if you were outside:

baobaob–       Trano Manala with its white flowers and salty notes is a candle in a crocheted raffia basket with a black, beige and multicoloured-stripe pattern, typical of contemporary Ndebele art of South Africa.

–       All Seasons – Kosi Bay is a refreshing union of salt flower and cardamom that will give the same fresh air as in the beautiful place where four lakes meet in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

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–       Elements Agua. This candle which concludes their Elements collection trio is a blend of geranium and mint that will give a holiday feeling to your house with its turquoise, beige, and white vase

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