Barebones; Professor Bader and the Cell

By Jo Phillips

Why is it when we have a small cut on our hand it heals intuitively, yet if it’s a big slash or burn we are left with an ugly scar?  The simple answer is this; When a cut or burn is small there is enough non-damaged skin around to communicate with the damaged cells on how to remake itself, just as it was before it got damaged.  Think of it like this, our skin cells are just like our neighbours they want to ‘keep up with the Joneses’. What ever the Joneses are, the neighbours want to be exactly the same. Therefore a damaged cell as long as it is next to a healthy cell wants to re-make itself in the same way as its healthy neighbour.  If the cells around a cut or burn are also damaged then these damaged cells have no neighbours to communicate with and copy!

Last month, Professor  Augustinus Bader, the world’s leading expert in Regenerative Medicine, discussed with .Cent how he changed the world of the Luxury Skincare Sector. An innovator and a humanitarian,  he has spent much of his life working with victims of disfiguring burns, with the goal to eliminate the trauma of life-long burns sufferers including children. And eliminate the trauma and scaring of burns to the skin. What Professor  Bader has learnt has been taken directly by him into the world of cosmetic skincare, and his breakthrough medical treatment that orchestrate already active the body’s own stem cells to repair and regenerate.

The brands states:-

Every single one of us is made up of trillions of cells working in unison, orchestrated by a genetic code driving every instinct, thought, feeling… and the incredible, innate capacity to heal. From skincare to clinical practice to biotech research, all our advances are grounded in a belief that the body is its own best therapist

He has created for the general market two creams. The Cream and The Rich Cream are two distinct formulas designed to suit the skin’s ever-changing needs and your personal preferences. You may find that each formula has its own purpose in your beauty maintenance regime, and can even be combined for maximum effect.

In the first part of our exclusive  interview, Bader explains his background and the science he applied to his innovative desire to help people, by researching a treatment that provides scar-free healing. He himself states, everything our body needs our body already knows, everything the body does is the result of its innate communication processes. As we age, these communications change and certain signals become less frequent and/or stop completely.

Professor Augustinus Bader Interview 1 from .Cent Magazine on Vimeo.

Professor  Augustinus Bader is now offering consumers the chance to boost cell function in the skin with the arrival of his two new Skincare products, products unparalleled by any other brand. In the second part of our interview, Bader explains how the products can improve the complexion’s appearance, and how the two products, The Cream and the Rich Cream actually work.

Professor Augustinus Bader Interview 2 from .Cent Magazine on Vimeo.

The key to both creams’ transformative properties is TFC8®, our proprietary Trigger Factor Complex. TFC8® comprises natural amino acids, high-grade vitamins and synthesised molecules naturally found in the skin. It guides key nutrients and powerful natural ingredients to the skin cells, creating an optimal environment for the body’s innate processes of repair and renewal. Supporting the body’s innate renewal processes, they help to visibly reduce the signs of ageing and damage caused by environmental stressors, and leave skin looking restored, regenerated and glowing with health. Launched in February 2018, the skincare helps reduce signs of ageing and damaged caused by environmental stressors, leaving skin looking restored, regenerated and glowing with health.

The Cream is a lighter formulation offering a perfectly weightless layer, which hydrates and smooths to restore the skin’s youthful appearance, while the Rich Cream is an intensely rich formula, made with oils of argan, avocado and evening primrose. It replenishes and hydrates the skin. Over time, your wrinkles, fine lines such as Crows Feet, age spots and redness appear reduced. The Skin will look more smooth, flexible, graceful, and limber.

Elasticity gives skin its ability to flex and bounce back – an ability that is lost as the body ages. Both creams provide surface-level support for elastin (the skin’s spring-like fibres) for a more supple appearance.

But this is not all; these products have a clear aim; to assist his foundation!

The Professor Augustinus Bader Foundation

The Augustinus Bader group will direct 10% of profits to the Augustinus Bader Foundation to fund scientifically proven breakthrough therapies and treatment to those who most need it.  Ultimately he has bought this technology to the general consumer so that he can fund his research further. So have great skin and help a truly worthy cause.

They say:
 not about giving back, its about giving from the start

The Professor Augustinus Bader Foundation was founded on the principle that the right to medical care should be universal, regardless of wealth

1. Purchase

Every time an Augustinus Bader skincare product is sold, 10% of the profits go to our Foundation, which brings groundbreaking medical treatment to those who need it most.

2. Donations

Our founders are committed to donating a proportion of their annual dividends to further the research of technologies that will disrupt the medical field and advance humanity’s healing potential.

3. Healing

The Foundation’s first mission is to tackle the unrecognised global burns epidemic, providing medical treatments, along with support for the doctors and clinics using them in countries around the world.

4. Innovation

The Professor Augustinus Bader Foundation will work with charitable partners to constantly explore new ways in which Professor Bader’s healing therapies can improve lives around the world.

Instagram: @augustinusbader

Read about him and buy products at 

.The foundation is here



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