Barebones; Bare Necessities

By Jo Phillips

We may not be able to change our daily appearances drastically at the drop of a hat, but Swatch’s Skin Irony watches prove to be just the bare necessities we need, as it takes practically no time to add that touch of understated character to any simple, minimalistic outfit. And if finding the right outfit is the real struggle, then take comfort in knowing that this watch – embodying this paradoxical concept of Future Classic, acts as less of an accessory but rather, as a comfortable yet tough second skin to impress.

swatch skin irony

Long celebrated as a household name for trendy but practical watches, Swatch has now combined fashion statement and time-telling to create the ultimate powerhouse. Known for its numerous collaborations with famed personalities and other reputable brands, Swatch has, this time, toned down the new collection to slender and sturdy aesthetics. Wasting no time to celebrate minimalism with their futuristic, metallic watches, classic features are twisted in keeping up with modern tendencies, but do not deviate the watches from their time keeping responsibilities.



As Summer descends well upon us, it’s perfect timing to expose some more SKIN and show off your Swatch Skin Irony timepiece. Take a break from bulky timepieces and lighten up with the 5.8 millimetres thin watchcase – almost as thin as, well, SKIN, but just as tough as iron.

This collection offers styles to tickle all fancies that tick both boxes of fashionable and practicability, catering to all Summer occasions and taking you from day to night:

The SKINLINGOT is perfect to catch the glistening summer rays

The SKINSPRING and SKINBLUEIRON compliment nicely with poolside and beach ambience

The SKINNOIRIRON and SKINBRUSHED are beautiful subtle additions for everyday and formal events



Time flies by while you’re having fun wearing the Swatch Skin Irony, so which one will you wear for this summer’s frolics?

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