Barebones; Let’s Face It

By Georgina Sussman

The human form and face has been intertwined into jewellery for centuries, be it painted on a pendant, sculpted into a cameo or most recently the trend of face silhouette earrings. The face and figure have influenced, religious, sculptural and cultural jewellery to portray a vision and essence of a society. Whether that essence be of love, mourning, faith, belonging and more, jewellery is important and remarkable, specifically when its fabricated from a form that’s inspired by the beauty and individuality of a person.

The backbone of jewellery really starts with the face and figure considering jewellery is created to frame the face and figure, as a dainty decoration or an extravagant embellishment .images

Patrick Mauriès and Évelyne Possémé, authors of “Figures & Faces; The Art of Jewelry”, the third book in a series devoted to the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris’ collection of extraordinary jewellery.

This elegant and sublime book focus on the intricacies of the way the form and face have been represented in jewellery throughout the eras, be it Renaissance or Byzantine, whether the figures be inspired by real life or mythical, this book covers it all.

The capacious collection of well-curated jewellery is absolutely mesmerising and to be able to have a book that is as extensive and represents the jewellery so well is exciting, interesting and worth the browse. If you can’t make it to Paris to see this collection, this book is definitely a great option.

Figures & Faces The Art of Jewelry Available Here.

Feeling Inspired by such beautiful jewellery? We are! Here are our  some of our favourite pieces of jewellery influenced by the human form!

Face and Figures jewellery

Jewellery from Right to Left:

Paola Vilas Louise Earrings. Available Here and Here.

Anissa Kermiche Grand Tete-a-Tete Earrings. Available Here.

Astley Clarke Lapis Evil Eye Biography Bracelet. Available Here.

Samuel Coraux Multi Faces Silicon Necklace. Available Here.

Paola Vilas Breton Ring (Amazonite). Available Here and Here.

Samuel Coraux Lips Brooch. Available Here.

Paola Vilas Calder Earrings. Available Here and Here.

Anissa Kermiche Pit Powder Necklace. Available Here.



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