Barebones; Once Upon A Smell…

By Jo Phillips

Once upon a smell…of  nostalgia, rebellion and progression. An intertwining plethora of scents come together to create sound and smell in a curation of grapefruit, wormwood and magical leaves.

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Any music aficionado out there will understand that the power of music has to transcend a plethora of barriers.  Where music is heard over the radio, television, online streaming platforms or even a walkman (if you still have one). Or to commemorate your favourite artists, adorn your walls with posters or pack piles of albums, singles, tapes and even records on your bookshelves and frame special signed memorabilia. Then why can’t the power of scent be another platform to remember, celebrate and share music with the world?

Perfume brand JUSBOX flawlessly harmonizes the power of olfaction with music.

V-Monkeys, the Italian sibling duo behind the brand have been exposed to fragrances and cosmetics long before the conception of JUSBOX. With their years of studies in music in their adolescence, their obsession with art was only bound to blend with their blood that is practically infused with perfume. According to the siblings, the relationship between music and perfume “can bring back hidden emotions and memories”.

Where their perfumes have been inspired by timeless musical icons of their respective eras, transpired the fragrances of ‘Green Bubble’ and ‘No Rules’.

Green Bubble.

A way of life, a social force and off-beat beauty of rhythm.

Green Bubble, inspired by Reggae and the Jamaican Rastafarian movement. Advocating for equal rights, social justice and religious mysticism tradition of Kumina. The aroma of spiritual awakenings in Grapefruit, Marijuana accords and Patchouli, with the hints of sweet Honey Saffron and rich essence of Labdanum. The fragrance played Julien Rasqiunet manifests the bubble chords, uniting the dance flow of hope, freedom and energy of the culture. In the atmosphere of deep rooted smoky woods and tumbling waves, and people’s appreciate for the everlasting folk music that is Reggae, will Green Bubble be the off-beat incense to uplift your life.


No Rules.

Fuelled by rage, honesty, and ambition to provoke the status quo. In the world of Punk Rock where no rules exist. A revolution of the 70s, of anarchy, of skinny jeans and metal accords.

No Rules, embodies the attitudes of Punk Rock with its warm Cinnamon and Leather accords. The aroma of Ether and Vinyl that are reminiscent of the fashionable safety pins and studs. And cold tones of Aldehydes that contrasts the ideologies of creativity and confrontation. A revolutionary explosion over the decaying British Empire and out-dated culture, inspired by the culture of the Buzzcocks and Sex Pistols, will No Rules be the revolutionary fragrance to break your apart your perfume traditions.

The Jusbox large collection of perfumes are perfect for any musical enthusiast out there. Because who wouldn’t want to relish in the aroma of their favourite genres by the power of olfaction?


And if you wanted to have a little tester to jam and rock away into the night, listen to Jusbox’s fragrances here!


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