Barebones; sheer lovely

By Hannah Tan

There is definitely nothing like London in the summer time. With outdoor terraces filled to the brim, sweaty commuters, and the sudden arrival of the urge to be outdoors, fashion responds by way of a kind of detox, a detox of the sartorial variety. While maximalism has been all the rage in past years, thanks to the likes of avid decorators like Alessandro Michele, rising temperatures call for a return to the sensuality of the minimal. The 90’s silk slip has had a major come back in recent seasons , as well as sheer and translucent billowy blouses and dresses. Corsetry has been a dark horse trend in recent years, but this summer comes in more subdued iterations as seen in Tibi  and Esteban Cortazar. Transparency is key to achieving the Bare Bones look, sleek silhouettes, minimal detail, and the allure of sheer; all make for elevated summer dressing without all the usual fluff.




1. Sagitta Gold Earrings by Zohra Rahman 
2. Claire Tie Waist Dress by Kitri 
3. YesWay Glasses by Grey Ant
4. Colour block shirred Cami in Ivory & Blush by Tibi
5. Colour block skirt in Ivory & Blush by Tibi
6. Pearl Embellished Jacket by AVIU at The Modist
7. Polished Gold Ring by Miansai
8. Folded Collarbones Cut Out Necklace by Cornelia Webb 
9. Geiko Dress in Pink by Racil
10. Camina Blouse in Red by Beaufille in Browns Fashion
11. Minnesota Bra in Fine Mesh by Baserange 
12. Medium Cloud Crystal Bag by Alessandra Rich at The Modist
13. Cacciavite Top by PINKO 
14. Crociata Shorts by PINKO
15. Sofia Earmuff in gold by Maria Black
16. Emma Knitted Dress by Milo Maria
17. Ivory Blouse by NEUL
18. Angie Black Top by Milo Maria
19. Heels by Nicholas Kirkwood at The Modist 
20. Multicoloured Corset Maxi Skirt by Esteban Cortazar at The Modist
21. Fougere Dress by Zadig & Voltaire


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