Barebones: Symbols of Tuscany and Spice Island

By Ravi Basnayake

If you just want to walk around and be in contact with nature to breath, share the beauty of life with the people who count the most. Maybe, you should check out the Tuscan side.

Surrounded by large mountain ranges and fertile plains, the Tuscan region has a relief composed as well by the seacoast with its sandy beaches as by hillsides with hilly countries. Tuscany is well-known for its landscapes, history and most of all, its artistic legacy as it is the region of the cradle of Renaissance. But, there’s something mysterious rooted all over Tuscany at every corner, all along the alleys, silently observing and elegantly ornamenting the region for ages. The cypress, tree of life and symbol of eternity as it is referred to, is indeed an integral part of the Tuscan landscape. Growing up to 50 meters tall and living for over 500 years, the elegant symbol of Tuscany is much more than an adorning figure since its enduring wood has been used for various purposes from palace doors, ship hulls to fine furniture or even musical instruments. And yet, it also delivers an Aromatic, resinous and scent that fits the symbolic tree’s character.

And the latest perfume from Acqua Di Parma Cipresso Di Toscana inspired by the symbolic tree is a classic fougère reinterpreted in the brand’s contemporary and traditional Italian way that will take you instantly for a stroll in the Tuscan Hills to experience the beauty of the region by a simple spray.

With an exhilarating opening through star anise and elementi top notes blended with a vibrant blend of orange and petitgrain, its very aromatic heart is composed of sage et lavandin notes before closing with balsamic notes of cypress and pine delivering a feeling of well-being of nature. This Special edition perfume from the Blu Mediterraneo fragrances collection with its iconic box and art deco bottle top in the 150ml format come along colours reminiscent of the blue of the sea, lit up by gentle yellow waves.

990Cipresso di Toscana Special Edition 150ml & pack (EXCLUSIVE TO SELFRIDGES)Available exclusively at Selfridges.

But let’s not stop here! Not yet. As for those who want a more tropical adventure, Acqua Di Parma has something else in reserve, especially on the spice island side where majestic rainforests and mountains are omnipresent along with sandy beaches caressed by waters of the Indian ocean. During Springtime, a sweet and creamy aroma pervades the air in the lush green hillsides of its northeastern corner. When farmers collect it to dry it in the sun, it turns dark and shiny after several weeks, obtaining its nickname “Black Gold of Spices”. Of course, It is only on the Madagascar island that the finest, deeply fragrant and seductively buttery vanilla grows thanks to the unique ecosystem that exists in the depths of the Madagascan rainforests which encourages the optimal growth of the wonderful vanilla flowers.

And to the delight of Harrods customers, the exclusive Colonia Vaniglia Eau de Cologne Concentrée is a unique creation that boldly combines Acqua di Parma’s characteristic citrussy notes with Madagascar’s precious vanilla to offer extraordinary olfactory nuances that suddenly take you into the calm and tranquil atmosphere of the paradisiacal island of Madagascar.

From the opening, you will be immersed in a mysterious and fascinating natural world that is unlike any other with this fragrance of bergamot, mandarin and neroli: the most intense and sunny agrums displaying the Italian heart of the Colonia faithful to all the Aqua Di Parma fragrances. The floral heart that follows is nonetheless impressive with its sweet notes of heliotrope and the sensual notes of jasmine sambac all in a perfect accord incorporating the smooth sweetness of vanilla, the fragrance’s wonder. Finally, in the fragrance’s gourmand base notes, another extraordinary vanilla blends with the warm accents of cedar wood and the delicate, persistent notes of musk.

NEW Acqua di Parma Colonia Vaniglia & pack - mood EXCLUSIVE TO HARRODS

Once again Italian craftsmanship and elegant design are combined in Colonia Vaniglia’s packaging. Inside the shiny metallic bronze box hand wrapped in fine paper, sophisticated details reflect the unique lettering of Harrods, the world-famous store which the perfume was exclusively created for. The Harrods’H’ is elegantly printed in gold inside the box, in black on the cap of the iconic Art Deco bottle in tobacco tones.  The label is made of bronze, just like the satin material on which the bottle lies, each elegant visual detail evoking the world of Colonia in a discreet and refined form.

Available exclusively at Harrods

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