Barebones; The Legacies Left Behind

By Jo Phillips

Auctions. They can either be a bore that you’d rather not waste your time attending, or a fascinating experience to go and purchase something old that in turn will be new. Either way, whatever lot is purchased, expensively or not, at auction, everything has been left behind at some point in time that some fortunate soul will admire and value enough to purchase.

Though a Pierre Bergé and the Beatles? An uncanny combination indeed, but If you classify yourself an aficionado of the arts, be it fine, music or fashion, then admittedly the legacies of Pierre Berge and the Beatles cannot be overlooked, and there will definitely be an item or two worth purchasing from these legends at an auction!

Spanning the course of the late Pierre Bergé’s prosperous career and life, an ingenious businessman as exampled by his co-founding and 41 year-long run as the “Dean” of Yves Saint Laurent. A renowned patron, philanthropist and connoisseur of beauty and the arts, who is also an iconic collector of the 21st century. Pierre Bergé’s eclectic collection spanning over 50 years worth of Antiquities and Modern Art, from his passion of literature with his library of books and manuscripts, to Orientalist paintings and furniture, in addition to Islamic, African and Asian art, and most importantly, 16th to 17th century Vanitas pieces, all but mirror the tastes and interests of this legend.

bonaparte datcha

Left: Datcha / Credit: © Ivan Terestchenko. Right: Paris, Rue Bonaparte/ Credit: Sotheby’s Art Digital Studio

The 800 lots left of Pierre’s collection from his exquisite homes, including ‘the Datcha’ in Normandy, ‘Rue Bonaparte’ in Paris, ‘Mas Theo’ from Provence and ‘Villa Mabrouka’ in Morocco, will not only be exhibited by Sotheby at the Galerie Charpentier in Paris, but will also be sold at auction from the 29th to 31st of October this 2018. Pierre Bergé’s extensive collection of books and manuscripts will also entirely have its own devoted auction in December that will extend into early 2019.

Further to note, a momentous share of the proceeds of the sales will be distributed to the Pierre Berge – Yves Saint Laurent Foundation based in Paris, and the Foundation Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech. These are two foundations that were of significant value to Pierre Bergé, and it is a perfect way to keep his legacy alive!

Though let’s not forget the Liverpudlian rock group of the 1960s, the Beatles, whose musical legacy formed the frenzy that was and is Beatlemania. By their unique sound, charmed their way into the hearts of the masses in the form of popular music, with their cutting-edge musical style of marrying and almost romanticising various skiffle, rock and roll and ballads into their songs, leading to one of the most revolutionary bands the world had ever seen. Their cultural impact on music and society cannot only be demonstrated with at least 20 of their singles that made it to number 1 on U.S. charts, but by the influence of their music and the success on their music scene 50 years on.

In order to celebrate this iconic quartet’s legacy as the Beatles, exclusive posters and original artwork are to be sold in a London Auction by Prop Store on June 28th 2018. Musical fans and collectors will surely appreciate the lineup, including:

  • Posters from classic films Hard Day’s Night (1964), Yellow Submarine (1968) and Let It Be (1970)
  • General release and rare Advanced Quad poster for the 1968 ‘Yellow Submarine’
  • Painted John Lennon’s helmet by Vic Fair for the 1970 film ‘How I Won The War’

and more…


 Credit: Prop Store

But if physical attendance to witness the auction take place just isn’t possible, it will be live-streamed online to keep track of the bids! Though warning, registration and bidding has already opened but you can still bid online, over the phone or in person. And if it couldn’t get any better, there will also be a preview exhibition presenting the 185 lots being auctioned and will take place between the 22nd June – 28th June 2018 at the BFI IMAX in Waterloo, London.

So it seems Pierre Bergé and the Beatles aren’t the most bizarre combination at all. Their impact be it shaping fashion in France or their musical significance, internationally their legacies have been felt by many and it shall continue to do so, even if their belongings and memorabilia have been left behind. So for all you fans and collectors out there, save these dates!

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