Barebones; Time’s Ticking!

By Jo Phillips

Most consumers now agree that if you can buy an item that gives back in some way, then its far better to buy that than something that does not follow through. So, in support of the important occasion of World Oceans Day, and as the pioneer of the first modern diving watch, Blancpain and its President & CEO, Marc A. Hayek, releases their third series of Blancpain Ocean Commitment (BOC) limited edition diving watches. Now, imagine if you purchase one of these 250 timepieces, you could be unknowingly saving a school of endangered fish, like the Celestial Pearl Danio. Just as one single second can be life-changing, the life of one single fish could be just as important in the circle of (ocean) life in order to maintain the functioning of the ocean food chain – which is just as intricate as the clockworks of a watch.


Blancpain’s participation in the cause of ocean protection reminds us that we affect the ocean just as much as the ocean affects us. As the incredibly powerful lungs of the planet, the ocean is an essential part of our biosphere, which is why the brand promises to donate 1,000 euros for the sale of each BOC timepiece.

The latest BOC features the main characteristics of the 1953 model – ones that have defined haute diving watches in the watchmaking industry, as well as the following characteristics and specifications:

– Individual numbering of the 250 watches
– Blue in colour as an homage to the oceans
– Sail-canvas strap plus additional NATO strap in deep blue
– Exclusive 40mm diameter satin-brushed steel case
– Case equipped with transparent sapphire case-back, affording clear views of the movement’s fine “Cotes de Genève” decoration
– Self-winding movement, calibre 1151, giving a 4-day power reserve
– Balance fitted with silicon hairspring, a material insensitive to magnetic fields
– Gold winding rotor engraved with the inscription “Ocean Commitment”
– NAC finish (alloy notably composed of platinum)
– Water resistant to 39 bar, equating to approx. 300 metres
– Unidirectional rotating bezel topped by scratch-resistant sapphire ring
– Large indexes in  Super-LumiNova®, as are the dials’ markings and hands, ensuring optimal readability in underwater conditions

BOCIII 5008-11B40-52A PR2 jpeg

Available in all Blancpain boutiques in London.


You’ll be pleased to know that there are also goodies that come with the purchase of the limited timepiece; not to mention the corresponding hand-numbered copy of the Edition Fifty Fathoms book, but this landmark edition is also composed of stunning black & white underwater photographs to gawp at. Ranging from exquisite marine creatures in their natural habitat to human divers exploring the deep blue wonders of the world, various photographers come together to capture the rare beauty of the oceans that the BOC timepiece is advocating to protect. However, the same self-sufficiency of the watch as a result of its self-winding movement cannot be said for the ocean to sustain itself without our help. Time is really of the essence. So to save that aforementioned school of Celestial Pearl Danio, pick up a Blancpain BOC, because in this case, time can be bought.

…and then also spent by the sea – whether it’s soaking up that glorious sunshine on the pink beaches of Bora Bora or taking refreshing dips in the bright blue waters of the Mediterranean. But of course, let’s not forget the most important ingredient for a healthy, carefree seaside excursion: sunscreen. Nowadays, sunscreen choices are bountiful, but they all contain oxybenzone and octinoxate, toxic ingredients that are damaging ocean ecosystems, bleaching corals and killing reefs as well as causing mutations in marine life. Would you have ever thought that sunscreen as we know it may act as protection for us, but is also the ocean’s nemesis? But not to worry, as Green People have partnered with the Marine Conservation Society to offer a marine-friendly alternative. As a brand celebrated for its certified organic award-winning skin and body products, Green People’s organic sun care range ensures that the ingredients used protect both humans as well as the ocean’s flora and fauna. Available in formulas for adults as well as little ones, everything that goes into the lotion is free from parabens, silicones and synthetic fragrance. And those who prefer a more bronzed outcome can be rest assured that there’s also a lotion with natural tan accelerator.


Green People’s sun care range is available from Waitrose, Ocado, Whole Foods, Planet Organic, Revital and independent health retailers nationwide, as well as online at

So why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone; look stylish and protect our marine life with a Blancpain BOC timepiece. But if diving just isn’t for you, then arm yourself with a bottle of Green People sunscreen and enjoy many more vacations to come.

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