Bathroom Delight

By Jo Phillips

Create An Instagrammable Bathroom For Your Home With These Tips. Home renovation projects are taking social media by storm. This growing interest is evident in the amount of homeowners undergoing renovation work on their homes.

The past year saw 77% of Brits investing in home renovations to turn the areas in their home into their dream space. This figure will likely continue to rise are more people join the property ladder and begin renovation work on their homes.

 One area in the home that many choose to invest in is the bathroom. Having an Instagrammable bathroom has become a trend, with more people wanting to have a bathroom they can share on social media and use as the backdrop for photos. If you are hoping to create an Instagrammable bathroom for your home, keep reading to find out our tips to help you achieve this goal.

Build A Vision Board

Before prep can begin, create a vision board of how you want your dream bathroom to look. Consider the colour scheme, what fixtures you will have, what the placement will be, and the flooring choice. All of these elements can be featured on the vision board that you can use to articulate what you want for your bathroom.

With a vision board ready, you can begin seeing what is possible with your space. See if your bathroom can fit the separate bath and shower or if your dream sink and counter need to be smaller in size. When you know the measurements and what is possible, you can begin to finalise your bathroom’s end look.

Hire Professional Help 

Unless you feel 100% confident in your capabilities to install and decorate your bathroom, hiring professional help might be the best solution. It can seem like a costly investment, but it is worthwhile, especially when renovating a bathroom, to turn it into what you had envisioned for the space. Doing the renovations yourself might sound like it will save you money.

However, if you encounter issues further down the line caused by your DIY renovations, it could cost more in repairs and replacements. Instead, take the time to look into plumbers in the area that you could hire to complete any installations you want to do. Use sites like MyBuilder to help you search for plumbers in your area. 

Choosing The Lighting

Getting swept up in the excitement of planning a bathroom renovation is easily done. The excitement of deciding what you want the bathroom to look like. Choosing the appliances, fixtures, towels, and colour schemes will create the bathroom of your dreams. One aspect that can help to complete the look, and will help you to take the best photographs, is lighting. 

The right lighting will help to change the look of the bathroom. Obviously, it will help to brighten the bathroom, but it can also help to set the ambience if a dimmer switch is installed. When you want to unwind in your newly installed bath, you can set the lights low to create a calming space. When you want to check your appearance, you will want a well-lit bathroom in the daytime

Trust The Process

Take inspiration from some of the most Instagrammable bathrooms, and see what elements you would love to feature in your bathroom. Consider your budget and timeframe for completion. When renovation work begins, the space will look worse before it looks as you had imagined. Trust the process; before you know it, you will have the bathroom of your dreams.

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