Be an Art Collector

By Jo Phillips

Tips on How to Be an Art Collector. You might think that being an art collector is too fancy. It’s not suitable for someone like you. The truth is anyone can help an art collector. If you’re passionate about art and you wish to own quality pieces, you can do it. Here are some tips to consider.

Know your taste

Before you begin an art collection, know what you want. Find the style that suits you. There might also be specific subjects you want to be in the artwork. It would be better to have a cohesive collection. You may support different artists, but there might be a common element present in what they do. 

Start with emerging artists

You can start by supporting emerging artists since their artwork is more accessible. You can also afford their art pieces as they’re not as valuable as more popular artists. Buying these pieces is also a way of supporting aspiring artists who want to establish a name in the industry. You’re inspiring them to do better and to try harder. The best part is you can consider art as an investment. If you eventually sell the pieces bought once they become famous, you will profit from the transaction.

Understand the market

Buying artwork is similar to any other purchases. Take time to compare the options. Find the best places where you can buy affordable artwork. You don’t even have to leave your house. There are online catalogues to review. Once you get started, the rest will be easy. 

Try to build relationships 

You can get pieces of art from different sources. If you build better relationships with them, it’s easier to get what you want at a more affordable cost. Talk to curators, dealers, gallery owners, and even the artists themselves. You can ask for a lower price once you already established yourself as an art collector. 

Be patient

You won’t immediately have a vast collection. It takes time to build one, considering the cost of each piece. Take your time to expand the collection. Don’t rush the process, or you will end up with an incorrect choice. Set a budget and take it from your monthly salary. Force yourself to set aside a small percentage to help you in building the collection. Otherwise, you will say that you don’t have enough money to afford an artwork. 

Attend auctions

You will find some of the best pieces in an auction. Be willing to engage in the process. It can be intimidating, especially if you have to compete with established collectors. However, you need to start somewhere. You might not even get anything on your first try. People will outbid you. However, you become more comfortable. Next time, it will be easy to get involved. 

Once you already decided to become an art collector, take the time to assess the artwork. Evaluate your options and find one that suits your preference. You may also look at it from a financial standpoint. Consider options that will help you make money in the future. 

Image:  Philipp Potocnik

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