Beautiful Blue Eyes

By Oumoukalsoum Diagne


A beautiful talent in the world of acting may well be divine for the eyes but they also need to be great at their craft. Roy Scheider was one such actor, his last film named with ”Beautiful Blue Eyes ” has been the last film he recorded before he passed away. The Genocide is a troubled subject that he took on with full force. For example exploring the holocaust, is always troubling to say the least. That is to say humankind has witnessed such a monstrosity, let alone to resist the subject within a creative genre. This takes great skill. Millions lost their lives due to this Genocide,with some seeing their relatives dying in front of them without being able to save them. What would you do if you had the chance to take revenge? And make those responsible of breaking your family apart accountable for their crimes? Here Roy S. plays this part for you in his last ever film. Read more in “ Beautiful Blue eyes” here

His last film before dying was an incredibly sensitive subject matter but his skill as an actor enables him to place this part.

Sometimes films are there to remind us of the atrocity of life, other times they give us another side to a story, or to an ending, where a different facet is presented. In ‘’Beautiful Blue Eyes’’, this is the case. What would a survivor do if you had the chance to be in front of that person who took your family’s lives away?

The story of this film , occurs in Germany, with flashbacks to Nazi-occupied Poland. Joseph, the main character, is a retired cop, who sojourns in his son’s house . He thus insists that the neighbour in fact is the man who slaughtered his family in 1941. A face of course he could never forget. 

Martin Myers, co-founder of MOVIEFARM said : “’Beautiful Blue Eyes’ is a gripping thriller that addresses the premise of what a Holocaust survivor might have done had he come across the Nazi who murdered his family. I’m honoured to bring Roy Scheider’s breathtaking final performance to global audiences as Moviefarm’s first release.”

The actor Roy Richard Scheider’s talent made him remarkable in the world of acting, because he had the capacity to play the wide variety of characters given to him. Consequently, he gained fame plus he was nominated for two Academy Awards, a Golden Globe Award, and a BAFTA Award . This film is a perfect vehicle and a fitting end for such a great man.

BEAUTIFUL BLUE EYES is released in UK cinemas 9th September,

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