Beautiful Inside Out

By Stacey Potts

There’s a saying which goes ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. but then beautiful from inside to out is also a wonder to behold.

When we style our hair or dress up, it all falls under the umbrella of ‘presentation’. Or, how about inside our own homes? The products that we own, that look like a piece of art yet we can admire and at the same still use. It’s wonderful when those products we use make us feel great about ourselves. Whether it be about our presentation or the visuals of our home.

Jean-Vincent Bully wanted to create products that really made someone feel good about themselves. This man was behind the original beauty brand Bully.

From 1803, in Paris, he began to attract customers from around the world mostly because of the company’s scented perfumes. These perfumes were made from exotic flowers imported from around the globe. Bully used this as an opportunity to create an alluring scented lotion as well, that would not only smell great and retain skin tone but also perform ablutions (an act of washing oneself). People felt good about themselves having their body cleansed and a way of self-care. It restored balance in their body leading to happiness and feeling great from the inside out.

As the brand grew in acknowledgment he added a small collection of scented products including hair oils.

It also happened that the products were beautifully packed so they would sit in a bathroom or bedroom as beautiful pieces of ‘working’ art.

Black and white photo of the Buly Store

This continued to run successfully for Bully for a number of years but faded away. However, one store in Canada continued selling one of his hair products since it remained a treat for their customers.

Come 2015 Ramdane Touhami redicovered the brand after being told his character resembled that of Jean-Vincent Bully. He found out there was only one store still supplying his hair oil.

He wanted to rebirth the brand with the heritage of the original Bully brand creating a visual pleasing pharmacy store that would gain back the popularity Bully once had. With his entrepreneurial skills, he changed the name slightly from ‘Bully’ to ‘Buly 1803’ and created a line of 900 beauty products. From skin care, oral care, scented candles, brushes and combs handmade from 300-year-old wood and an ever-growing range of perfumes had now been made available to the worldwide audience again.

Buly 1803 continuously creates unique and beautiful packaging inspired by the 19th century and inside each of their products bring a modern element of natural beauty with a delicate and exquisite touch.

Their newest utterly desirable collections to be added are ‘La Douzaine Parfumee‘ (The Scented Dozen) and The Crayons Odoriférants.

The scent collection comes packaged in a set of 12 ten milliliter perfumes in a miniature box. But of course, this pack has all the different water-based scents to wear, whether you want to pair up a perfume or wear individually.

They’ve incorporated scents that take you on a slight journey to places away from home. A perfect way to take your mind off a busy day and just imagine yourself there.

In your imagination travel wearing Scottish Lichen to the highlands of Scotland. A green scent of moss and galbanum. Or maybe Mexico paints a picture for you when wearing Mexican Tuberose, a blend dominated by the queen of white flowers, spiced with clove vanilla. Or somewhere like Japan that showers your mind and heart with spring-like cherry blossoms. Kiso Yuzu, a green, citrus and fruity scent with yuzu lemon, mint and Japanese laurel would remind you of this magical land.

Some scents aren’t for wearing on the body yet can bring you into different environments. Take for instance your lounge, bedroom and bathroom. These spaces are often used as places to relax and rejuvenate yourself especially when there is a comforting smell.

This can be done in the form of scented pencils. Just a few drops of your choice of scented oil and it slowly eases its way to your space. The Scented Decorative Pencils come in a pack of six ceramic sticks that could almost blend with you writing stationary. It’s a modern twist to the world of perfume.

They have eight aviable scents.Annibal, Cumin, patchouli and leather. Retour D’egypte – Jasmine, amber and musk. Campagne d’italie – Bergamot, oak and cedar. Alexandrie – Mint, lemon and black currant. Sacre – Pine, incense and cedar. Generaux d’empire – rose, verbena and vetiver. Pater Mateos – Bergamot, lemon and must. Sumi Hinoki – Hinoki burnt wood, juniper and incense

Buly 1803 continues to create an experience for everyone from the moment you step into one of their stores to the moment you use their products.

Officine Universelle Buly A Paris La Douzaine Parfumee can be found here and Scented Decorative Pencils can be purchased on their website here.

The photo on the left and of the Perfume and Pencils are taken by Jason Yates.

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