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By Jo Phillips

The macho makeover – the rise of male cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery has grown increasingly desirable amongst men of late. Cosmetic surgery refers to someone opting to have an invasive procedure to change their appearance – rather than for a medicinal reason. Below, we explore the rise of male cosmetic surgery.

The rise

New research from the Transform Hospital Group has revealed that male cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly popular. Over the last two years, many procedures have experienced a sharp rise in enquiries from men. Male breast reduction is up 101 per cent; tummy tucks are up 101 per cent; nose jobs have risen by 30 per cent; and ear surgery is also up 100 per cent. All this combines to highlight how men are suddenly much more serious about cosmetic surgery. And with a wide range of popular procedures, the research reveals that it’s not just one type of surgery that’s risen in popularity – it seems to be the whole industry.

Most popular cities

Interestingly, there is a divergence in popularity between cities though. In Manchester, 55 per cent of men said that they have had cosmetic surgery or that they’re planning on arranging a procedure in the future. London, Leeds and Bristol have similarly high figures with all of them getting positive responses from over 30 per cent of people. However, there are some cities where there is less positivity. Responders in Norwich saw only 12 per cent in favour, while Newcastle and Edinburgh were both also under 20 per cent.

Change in recent years

It’s not just the Transform Hospital Group who have seen a rise in popularity either. Data from Google Trends reveals that searches for male cosmetic surgery have also risen in this period. Monthly searches for “male rhinoplasty” are up 182 per cent from July 2018 to July 2020. Meanwhile, Gynaecomastia searches have seen an 88 per cent increase, and hair transplant searches seeing an 84 per cent increase. Ultimately, as we move towards a more image-conscious society, you can expect to see cosmetic surgery become more and more popular amongst everyone.

Male cosmetic surgery is on the rise. In some cities, this is overwhelming, while in others it’s taking a little longer to catch on. Nevertheless, research shows that surgeries from hair transplants to tummy tucks are becoming increasingly popular amongst men.

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