Beauty Heals

By Smriti Agrahari

From September 2019 to March 2020, devastating bushfires swept through Australia, destroying land, wildlife, and livelihoods. Our world is literally being swept away with natural disasters that will deeply affect all of our lives. But we can help..small.. even small actions help, and here beauty brand Jurlique shows how beauty heals.

One of the badly affected areas from the bushfires was Cudlee Creek, just 38km from Jurlique’s own farm, and was then declared an emergency disaster area that still needs help to recover.

A commitment to sustainability has always been fundamental to everything Jurlique does. From sustainable practices on its biodynamic* and organic farm in South Australia to an active reduction in carbon cycle and water usage, sustainability is at the core of the business. The brand philosophy is all about giving back to the earth more than it takes from it.

Jurlique has partnered with Trees For Life, a South Australian based not-for-profit community organisation that helps restore natural environments through revegetation programs, to support bushfire recovery efforts. Through its research Trees For Life has identified areas that need immediate revegetation and collected seeds to put back some of South Australia’s most fire-affected plants.

As part of the brand’s 35-year anniversary, and in conjunction with National Tree Day on 2nd August 2020 in Australia, for every bottle** of Jurlique Activating Water Essence sold in August, Jurlique will nurture a tree seedling on its farm and plant it at Cudlee Creek, to help rejuvenate the affected area.

Customers may be part of this campaign and witness the seedlings nurturing through the brand’s social, at the three and six-month growing phases. When the seedlings are ready to be replanted at Cudlee Creek in 2021, Jurlique will invite local staff, community members and media to participate.

We all have choices even in hard times as to where we spend and where we can give back something. Shopping we know its a no brainer when beauty we buy can heal our souls and heal our planet all at the same time.

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