Beauty Heroes; Liquid Bronzer

By Julie Jacobs

The moment the sun starts to shine in the UK; bare legs are on show, no tights; no trousers; just pure hibernated winter skin. My winter legs have a dull; luminating (I know, that’s a contradiction in terms) yellow tinged beam radiating from them. So on the first truly sunny and warm day of this year I hastily applied the Dr Hauschka Bronzing Tint to my legs. It warmed and took the edge off my dull glow. I use liquid bronzers – whether they’re intended for the face or body – like this all the time on models but never before on myself.


Liquid bronzers tend to stain so the skins texture is hardly altered as with other cosmetics of a heavier density, the result is somewhere between translucent and transparent. And because they are so thin they tend to work on most skin colours from fair to dark complexions. If you feel nervous using a liquid like this try mixing a few drops with a moisturiser to begin with.

The skin has to be generously moisturised because if your not quick; streaking can happen. But the Dr Hauschka is silky enough to spread without streaking.


If you’re really in to bronzers you’ll know of the NARS Laguna range – a long time staple in my kit. NARS Laguna Liquid Bronzer has a subtle iridescent glow and is stunning on the face and body.


Cover Fx Custom Enhance Drops are mainly designed to add to face or body moisturisers, or foundations, or to be used on their own (very sparingly), one drop at a time is recommended. Sun-kissed, you truly will be.


Bare Minerals Bareskin Sheer sun serum bronzer is another easy to apply without streaking because it is a serum.


Julie Jacobs is a make up artist and contributing editor to Cent magazine

Photography Jason Yates

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