Bees Will Thank You

By Pamela Oladipupo

In pursuit of aspirations, we often search for things and people to aid our accomplishments. We pursue those considered significant and grand, piping accolades to them. Often assumed insignificant are our allies of plants, animals, and even bacteria labouring daily to ensure our goals are executed unhindered by maintaining a balance in the ecosystem. Undoubtedly, the ant transporting that little scrap of food is working hard to ensure the world remains secure enough for you to chase your passion likewise, the rose helps put a smile on your spouse’s face. Each colony mindlessly scattered, and forest completely obliterated alters the unity of balance and impacts our dreams in the short or long run. Fortunately, there exist those who laud and wish to protect these unsung heroes and their dreams as they have protected ours and Guerlain is one such example; a brand with unity especially with the world of the Bee Find out more about Bees Will Thank You here.

Guerlain, a French brand bought by the LVMH group, did not just commence its support of all life. Its founder, Pierre-Francois-Pascal Guerlain started the brand in 1828 on the foundation of supporting women in their beauty regimes by ingeniously developing Kohl’s eyeliner, mascaras and lipstick for easier and more efficient application, and creating spas for rejuvenation among other things.

What makes this more laudable is the fact that he was the first to create these makeups and his ingenuity spanned across years to sustain beauty skin care, perfumery and even love. In 1853, infamously Pierre created the Eau de Cologne Impériale as a wedding gift to Napoleon III’s bride, Empress Eugénie.

Over the years, these products have offered support and devised a level playing field for all to attain the beauty standards they desire from their innermost beings. They intensify strength beyond the echoes of weaknesses and create a balance within oneself and externally.

It is conceivable that as Guerlain expanded, so did the variety of life it supports. Surpassing just human lives, Guerlain has extended its support and love for balance towards the animals, plants and microorganisms within the ecosystem through its Aqua Allegoria fragrances.

Aqua Allegoria goes beyond just being a collection of scents to expressing its essence as a commitment, recognition, pledge and an ode to the unsung heroes of the earth, air, land and sea; the living non-humans with a special price for bees.

The collection features various ingredients from earth’s garden scattered across continents. It invokes the feeling of a pledge penned and sealed in a scroll. Guerlain keeping true to its reputation for uniqueness has gone beyond the basic scroll, penning its pledge in blissful sweetness inspired by Bees. The fragrances are housed in elegant bottles with caps akin to honeycombs of bees. As a brand devoted to appreciating support, Guerlain has actively championed movements towards the preservation of its muse, the bees.

Guerlain continuously reaffirms its loyalty to keeping intact the complex web which unites all living things in an ecosystem and has expressed this affirmation through its recently released Aqua Allegoria Forte collection.

Although a part of the Allegories collection, Aqua Allegoria Forte reveals another layer of the unity of the ecosystem. Forte introduces the essence of nature bathing in the setting sun creating a more intense olfactory experience. The collection boasts 90% natural origin ingredients and the use of French Beetroot alcohol, organically sourced from responsible farming. The collection comprises two scents; the Mandarine Basilic Forte and the Rosa Rossa Forte designed by perfumer Delphine Jelk.

The Mandarine Basilic Forte takes us on the life’s journey of an Italian mandarine that continuously bathes in the sunset, kissed by its golden lights. It incorporates Sandalwood, Patchouli, Cedarwood and Vanilla tincture for a woody, aromatic and intense olfactory goodness to the existing citrusy freshness.

It has top notes of Lemon, Mandarin, and Orange, middle notes of Blackcurrant, Basil, and Orange blossom and base notes of Cedarwood, Green, and Tea.

“In this variation, I wanted to accentuate the mandarin’s golden colour, its juicy, fruity, succulent side. I see it as orange… at the end of a scorching hot day, the promise of beautiful weather the next day.”

Delphine Jelk, The Nose.

Rosa Rossa Forte is a combined story of the French, Turkish and Belgian roses, told from within. It goes beyond the external petals to the depths and origin of the rose much like a person stripping off the walls of their lover to see the vulnerability which they have hidden from the world. The golden rays of the sunset which has bathed these roses long before they budded whisper their secrets and vulnerabilities through woody accents of Sandalwood and Patchouli. Its sensual personality comes alive with Ambrox.

Guerlain has not limited its promise to biodiversity exclusively to the contents of the fragrances but has extended the same to the bottle which encapsulates this nature’s wonder. Like other allegories collections, the Forte is refillable. The made-in-France contains at least 15% recyclable glass and features a screw-top making it both recyclable and refillable. The availability of refills extends the life span of a single bottle and reduces production. Guerlain’s approach is applaudable as truly elegant and elite, encouraging opulence, and stimulating visual and olfactory experiential quality without sacrificing morals.

This new collection has challenged Guerlain to prove to us that we can still have beautiful perfumes without impacting the environment. And to celebrate the world’s wonders, they also made a video with Yann Arthus-Bertrand, a committed cinematographic creator, bearing the values he shares with Guerlain’s house and which implements them to create this new line of fragrance products. 

Nature, we go to it and all that is in it for inspiration, clarity, escape, or even reassurance and it holds our deepest despairs and wildest intimacies, closer even than best friends yet stuck in an unrequited romance.

When paying for flowers to surprise your loved one, when waiting for the first rain to hit the earth, running into the wild to scream loudly, or sitting by the lake and watching the fishes soothe your soul, recall these allies need their souls soothed also, we after all, are united as one. Say a little thank you and devote a little nurturing for the selfless and consistent dedication and efforts they put into making your heart sing, your face smile, and your blood ignite.

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