Bergamotto Sunshine

By Mingye Zhu

Farewell to the dull grey sky of most of the winter days, April means a lot more sunshine for many of us. April, the word has its roots in Latin and is also derived from the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite.  A month to celebrate, one that reminds us of fresh smell because it is when nature bursts into life; think floral, notes of fruit and fresh green beginings. As you immerse yourself into the warm Spring days, you may like to carry all these fresh notes with you. 

Bergamotto di Calabria La Spugnatura is the kind of perfume that merges all these lovely elements together to bring you a fresh spring day. Recently, Acqua di Parma launched a limited edition of Bergamotto di Calabria La Spugnatura with a porcelain bottle that echoes the concept of nature and the iconic hatbox to present the outstanding artisanship of this luxury perfume house. 

As the name of this precious perfume indicates it is a celebration of bergamot harvested in a field with crisp air and warm sunshine. The perfume Bergamotto di Calabria La Spugnatura conveys the deep reverence from nature, smelling the spray from perfume gives you the illusion of standing under the Italian sunshine feeling the warm air around you specked with bright fruitness.

Bergamotto di Calabria La Spugnatura follows the high standard of perfume-making process in the house of Acqua di Parma by preserving the old sponging technique, which is a true art; requiring time and human skill. This technique is now a scarce skill that only a few artisan origins in the bergamot fields of Calabria still can do. After operating the skin from the pulp, all the essence from the bergamot rinds are extracted by sea songs. The final step is squeezing the sponges to collect the scented liquid which is the main fragrance for Bergamotto di Calabria La Spugnatura. 

For some consumers, the bottle of perfume may play an important role when they choose their future perfume because they want this perfume from inside to outside to fit themself perfectly. While Designing a limited version of Bergamotto di Calabria La Spugnatura, a great concentration was put on the bottle and box to make it sustainable and more in keeping with ‘nature’. The production of the bottle reuses the water and the waste materials, which adds another bonus to its nautical components as a perfume. The lid is made in blue porcelain with label made from waste powder from marble quarries. And the design of pump make refill possible. 

The notes of Bergamotto di Calabria La Spugnatura may be the favourite to many of the perfume lovers who are looking for a precious perfume for their spring and summer days to embrace the Italian sunlight. With the soul of circular economy, Bergamotto di Calabria La Spugnatura paints another brush to its unique soul.

The fragrance is available exclusively at John Lewis and will be available nationwide from 1st May. Click here to the link to buy.

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