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By Jo Phillips

How To Choose the Best Flower Gift for Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day to show your love and appreciation for the people you care about. Gifts are often given as tokens of this, but what type of gift should you give? Of course, it depends on who you’re giving the gift to; if it’s someone who shares your interests or is your soulmate, then flowers may be perfect. If not, then there are other options, such as chocolate or jewellery.

Choosing the right flowers for your Valentine matters. There are so many options, and each one has different meanings. Here’s how to choose the best flower gift for your Valentine based on their personality and interests.

Consider the Person

Think about who will be receiving the flowers. Is he or she typically romantic? If so, roses may be your go-to. Does he or she tend to be more pragmatic? In that case, maybe carnations would work better, as they don’t require much attention and only need water once in a while. This is also where you can ask yourself if this person tends to like flowers at all: do they typically stop and smell the roses, or would they appreciate a gift instead?

Also, think about your significant other’s favourite colour. Do they love the sultry pink, purple or red hues? Or are they into happy, bright colours such as yellow or orange? If you are not sure, or they love a mix, consider getting a beautiful tulips arrangement to offer a little bit of both. Whatever their preferences may be, it doesn’t hurt to consider getting them some flowers that match their personality or complement it in some way.

Choose a Bouquet That Reflects Your Relationship

The best Valentine’s flower gifts reflect your relationship. Is your relationship new or old? If you’ve been together for a while, consider buying something that reflects the growth and strength of your love. Opt for a highly personalized flower arrangement to express how much time has made you closer and more appreciative of each other’s interests. For instance, you can include flowers that reflect your shared hobbies, like tulips or daffodils if you both love gardening.

On the other hand, if you’ve only been together a short time and are still looking to make an impression on each other with a bit more romance, then opt for something bolder and more exotic in design. You could combine some rare blooms with traditional flowers that are more common to help express your feelings. For instance, you could choose a bouquet of roses mixed with lilacs and lilies to represent new love or show how much you appreciate the fresh start in your relationship together.

Think About the Symbolism of the Flowers

Think about what kind of message you are sending with the symbolism of the flowers. Are they for a romantic gesture? If so, red roses are often associated with romance and love, along with other white flowers such as lilies which represent purity. Are the flowers to show appreciation for how far you’ve come together as a married couple? If so, give your partner flowers in their favourite colour, or go with a specific type of flower that represents your journey.

Different flowers can have widely known representations, or they may just be something special for you two. Here are some of the different Valentine’s day flowers and what they represent:

  • Roses – Love, romance, beauty
  • Tulips – Appreciation and care
  • Lillies – Purity
  • Orchids – Love at first sight
  • Daisies – Innocence, purity, loyal friendship
  • Gerbera Daisies – Gratitude and cheerfulness

Don’t Limit Yourself Roses

Make your gift unique by thinking outside of the box. Roses are certainly a staple for Valentine’s Day, but you can also buy other fresh flowers to make sure that it’s truly special. Most people know what roses symbolize, so buying something unexpected will show how much thought went into picking out the gift. There are plenty of other options when it comes to Valentine’s Day flowers, so you can make your gift stand out.

Some popular flowers for this day include tulips and lilies. You can also purchase orchids in a variety of colours that will last longer than the average flower arrangement. If you are on a budget, carnations can make an inexpensive option that is still beautiful. A combination of flowers is a great way to show off your creativity. Put together the perfect flower bouquet to say “I love you” in a unique way.

Beware of Potential Allergies

If your loved one has allergies or sensitivities, you want to ensure that the type of flower does not cause them any discomfort. This is especially true for people who have environmental sensitivities as well. If this is the case, you have to be extra careful about choosing flowers for your loved one. Make sure that the flowers you pick are the ones they can enjoy and not react to adversely.

If possible, find out what their allergies are so you do not accidentally choose a type of flower that will cause them problems. Do some research and find out what types of flowers are typically safe for people with allergies. If you have an idea what type they like, stick with those varieties. This will make it a lot easier on you, but will still be romantic and special.

Opt for the Freshest Flowers

You’ll want to make sure that you choose a flower arrangement with vibrant colours and fresh petals. If the flowers have been on display for too long, they will look matted and faded when they finally get to the destination. Flowers from your local florist or market are best. 

Also, make sure that your bouquet is in perfect condition and free of any punctures when you pick it up. When flowers are exposed to extreme temperatures during the shipping process, they can become wilted or damaged. If this happens, it’s not likely they will last long enough for a Valentine’s Day delivery date.

Some stores allow customers to pick and choose the flowers they want, which is a great way to ensure that you get a high-quality product. When selecting your bouquet, be sure to consider everything: the size of flower arrangement (smaller or larger), colour scheme (pastel colours tend to last longer than bright hues), and the type of flowers used (roses tend to last longer than carnations).

When purchasing flowers or love hampers for Valentine’s Day online, check the listing’s product description and shipping information. If it says that your bouquet or gift pack will arrive by Valentine’s Day, then you can be sure that this is a valid date for delivery. Also, pay attention to the packaging in which they are delivered: if they’re coming in an insulated box, you can be sure that they will remain as fresh as possible.

Don’t Forget To Include a Thoughtful Card

Finally, don’t forget to include a thoughtful card message that will make your loved one feel appreciated. This is especially important because flowers are universal, but what you want to express may be very personal. Write a personal message that conveys how much you care about them. Go ahead and use these tips when choosing the perfect flower arrangement for your valentine and make sure it’s something they will truly love.

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