Bionic Girl

By Jo Phillips

Living an able-bodied life means we don’t always realise how every part of our body works and we give it little attention we ‘assume’ but for those without this automated life, options are slight. However new hardware products are opening up choices and options for individuality and statement style, read more here in Bionic Girl

Photographer  Kim Hardy, Stylist  Lily Lam, Stylist Assistant Catarina Soares, Talent Tilly Lockey, @Nemisis Models Hair and Makeup Sarah Lockey Art Director Najat Serghini. Words Lily Lam

Tilly’s life took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with meningococcal septicaemia at just 15 months old, resulting in the loss of both her hands. However, against all odds, she defied the challenges she faced and not only survived but also became a beacon of inspiration for her family. Determined to provide Tilly with a brighter future, her family made a promise to find her new hands that would restore her independence. After exploring various prosthetic options, their search led them to Open Bionics, a groundbreaking company specializing in unique and customizable bionic arms.

Shot 1 (left-hand side)

Black leather dress by Alabama Blonde Arms Open Bionics

Shot 2 

Dress by Bonita Collective

 Tilly at fifteen became the proud owner of two super stylish Hero Arms. Tilly received a pair of badass Alita: Battle Angel bionic arms from director James Cameron, and in 2018 she appeared on ITV’s ‘This Time Next Year’ with Davina McCall.

At the age of 17, Tilly stands as a testament to resilience and strength. Embracing her lifetsyle, she radiates confidence and style, seizing opportunities to make her mark on the world. With her new bionic arms from Open Bionics, Tilly has not only regained her physical abilities but also found a platform to share her incredible journey.

“I love the Hero Arm! It’s so much fun to use and I’m finding out new things I can do with it every day.”

Tilly Lockey

Shot 3 

Bright Pink Top by Syra J.  Green Blazer by Yomi

She has ventured into the realm of modelling, captivating audiences with her grace and determination. As a presenter and motivational speaker, Tilly’s powerful story resonates with countless individuals, instilling hope and inspiring others to overcome their own obstacles.

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