A Modern World

By Jo Phillips

Barbara Hepworth’s sculpture for a Modern World  is now open at Tate Britain from the 24th of June up until the 25th of October.Barbara Hepworth is a fine leading figure of modern art.  This major exhibition is a reflection of her progress from her early carvings, to the large-scale bronzes of the 1960s. Also his exhibition features her rare pieces of textiles, photography, film and collages that will be open to the public to see.


Also Tate Britain’s first garden installation inspired by Barbara Hepworth will be held this summer. Bright, vibrant scents and colours of the summer garden is worth a check as it will be free for all visitors to enjoy.

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This Friday the 3rd of July, Tiffany & Co. will be opening  an enchanting exhibition entitled ‘Fifth &57th: A Reimagining of New York City by Tiffany & Co.’ within the old Selfridges hotel. Completely created from thousands of boxes, it’s inspired by the Tiffany’s iconic gift box. the exhibition is a recreation of the intersection of Fifth Avenue and 57th Street in New York which is home to Tiffany’s flagship store.


There will be digital projections held to bring the life the sights and sounds of Manhattan come alive right here from London. A digital fireworks display will transform the exhibition for America’s Independence Day on the 4th of July which will bring America home.Visitors will also receive a complimentary New York style pretzel and coffee.




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