Bloom: Being Baroque

By Jo Phillips

The Baroque era, brought forth a new visually captivating style. This style of architecture accompanies designs of flowered patterns and foliage carvings.

Baroque was classified as bold and inspiring. Especially for its use of lighting, which would play on, dark and dramatic formations to raise dramatic awe. Being a movement that turned away from Neoclassical structures. It rejected the hardened, structured formations of the past, transforming itself into a blossoming landmark of its own, creating a great, visual turning point for architecture. Originating from Rome in the 17th century it later resorted into a mass popularity wave,which then saw the emergence of Baroque, from France to Russia.

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The word Baroque, derives from France, a word that means; a misshapen, or  deformed pearl. Overlooking, this as a architectural gem, and as a beautiful piece of architecture, despite it’s unusual construction. This is why, it was one of the most unconventional types of architecture pieces of its time.

The Churrigueresque architectural style, contributed to Spanish and Latin American Baroque architecture. Named after the Churriguera family, it is complete, with an overwhelming manner of foliage, floral sculptures and scrolls.

The Hall of the Abencerrajes’s ceiling, in the Alhambra, Granada was inspired by  Moorish architecture. Its dome ceiling, and its cluster of designs are similar to Spanish and Latin American styles. The finalstage of Baroque is, Rococo. A style that  was very similar yet very different to its origins. It sought to transform the notion of structural expression by the use light. The pastel coloured, rich and flowing ornamentation slightly draws away itself from Baroque. Retreating into its own style and glamour. Again the appearance of foliage and bloom is seen through out Rococo architecture, accumulating space and lightness to a room.


Baroque architecture’s enthralling designs are unconventional, historically. It has subverted the face of traditional norms of national architecture, ensuring buildings are constructed as beautiful as well as convenient.








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